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Leading the way with innovation in outdoor estate compliance

Forward Thinking & Progressive

As experts in our field OUTCO are leaders in innovation.

Forward Thinking & Progressive

Investing in innovations

Working with suppliers across the UK OUTCO lead our industry with actions to reduce our carbon emissions, both as a business and when providing innovative solutions to our clients. This includes practices such as the purchase of electric powered garden maintenance tools and equipment, investment in our fleet to hybrid and fully electrical vehicles and the launch of a low emissions asphalt.

Electric Powered Tools and Equipment

At OUTCO we endeavor to be environmentally friendly and adopt a sustainable approach wherever possible. Due to battery technology improving, we are proud to introduce electric vehicles and tools into our fleet and embrace new technologies as we strive to become carbon neutral / carbon zero.

Low Emissions Material

OUTCO can supply clients with a low emissions asphalt solution, the asphalt is mixed at 40 degrees less than conventional asphalt

Reducing gasses such as Nitrogen Oxides, Oxide and Carbon Dioxide. The result has the equivalent effect on particulate matter as planting 16 trees per km asphalt laid or removing 40 cars from the network.

Powered by smart technology

We offer the UK’s first end-to-end estate compliance solution powered by smart technology.

With the increasingly regulated FM environment, OUTCO ensures site compliance 365 days a year. We offer evidence based compliance solutions back by smart technology, which provides unrivalled auditing and reporting.

Our patented technology provides real time data and visibility on what’s been delivered, offering a clear audit trail of activity over time. We deliver this real time and compliance data directly into our client’s systems through in-house APIs.

OUTCO make maintenance easier

With a bundled service offering, our approach provides our clients with greater efficiency, performance and convenience.

OUTCO has invested heavily to ensure we make outside compliance as simple as possible for our clients. Our services cover a complete end-to-end solution from surfacing works, such as minor patching and pothole repairs, to major phased resurfacing works to grounds and winter maintenance all through a single service provider.

OUTCO are the only outdoor estates management company, companies will ever need.