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asset maintenance

Asset Maintenance

Efficient and effective, nationwide life-cycle asset maintenance and replacement services for your outdoor estate assets.

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Asset Maintenance

With a limited supply chain, an absence of a national provider, there are limited fast reactive asset maintenance solutions and even fewer solutions that use environmental materials.

Combined with our unrivalled estate knowledge covering compliance & risk mitigation and the use of our technology to minimise environmental impact, OUTCO is the ideal solution for facility management companies seeking a dedicated maintenance and compliance partner of choice.

From potholes to fencing, and from drainage to litter picking, we have you covered. Our focus is on ensuring that clients’ outdoor estates are effectively maintained, compliant and safe 365 days a year, so that they can concentrate on meeting their own customer needs.

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Condition Surveys

OUTCO condition surveys are a detailed GPS-tagged photographic assessment of your facility’s exterior assets, reporting on their current condition and highlighting any hazards or health and safety risks with a RAG rating

OUTCO’s asset maintenance teams can conduct a professional drain survey at short notice. Our national teams specialise in drain inspections using advanced camera technology

Jet Washing

Had a spill on site, or do you just need to refresh your shop fronts or walkways? OUTCO’s jet washing service can refresh, and pressure clean your hardstanding areas from paint, oil, graffiti or the build-up of moss or algae

Potholes & Surface Repairs

With a range of pothole and surface repair solutions available, OUTCO can help you extend the life of your surface asset and keep it safe and hazard free. Our uniquely nimble teams and innovative repairs solutions can have you site open and operating again in as little as 15 minutes

Fencing & Access Points

Whether it’s perimeter fencing, decorative fencing or temporary fencing that’s required, OUTCO can help. We also install or repair any site access points, including gates of all types and sizes and any entry doors or fire escapes

asset maintenance

Effective line marking is an important requirement to safely guide and instruct traffic and pedestrians flows around your facility. From a simple line marking refresh to more complex brand-new design and installation, OUTCO can help keep your site well directed, safe and compliant

Paving & Walkways

Paving & Walkways repair cannot usually be done by property owners or managers without access to specialist tools, equipment, operatives and products required to do the job properly. OUTCO is here to help you – quickly!

Our asset maintenance team can repair, replace or install a wide range of bollards on your site. Whether for safety, protection or simply architectural, OUTCO has the expertise and solution to help

Drain Maintenance

If your site is experiencing drainage problems, such as ponding in the car park or water build-up within your drains or manholes, look no further than OUTCO drain maintenance

Meticulous road sweeping including car parks and paving to remove leaves, litter and other debris, using a range of suitable machinery and manpower from sweeper teams to high-capacity vehicles

OUTCO waste clearance service ensures any fly-tipping, dumping or any general waste left on your site can be quickly and safely removed, ensuring your facility remains clean, safe and well maintained

Hazard Reports

Clients receive detailed hazard report, including RAG rated and GPS-tagged photographs showing you the identified hazard and its exact location

Outstanding Asset Maintenance

OUTCO Asset Maintenance ensures that outdoor estates are cared for to the highest possible standards by properly trained and insured operatives using state of the art technology to make sure that clients are always kept informed of progress. It’s a service that most in-house or local contractors simply cannot replicate.

Our reputation for service rests on our extraordinary service levels. We work with some of the UK’s leading companies, helping them to keep their sites smart and maintained throughout the year.

As a previous IWFM Service Provider of the Year, OUTCO delivers 99.99% customer satisfaction, and offers facility and property managers’ the assurance that their duty of care is being met. OUTCO provides complete speedy asset repair, budget certainty, while our service levels and national coverage provide the assurance of continued round the clock service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Year after year.

From grass cutting to litter picking, potholes and drains, we are here to make sure that small maintenance problems are quickly and easily dealt with, and do not become a health and safety or compliance liability.

Reliability, technology, scalability

Working with OUTCO Asset Maintenance ensures that outdoor estates are effectively project managed throughout the year with repair and replace tasks such as bollards, potholes and drains carried out without fail to maintain an immaculate appearance and to ensure that the assets on your estate never become a neglected liability.

We offer industry-leading service delivery guarantees at manageable fixed cost rates. Our asset services programme is specifically designed to help property and facility managers meet their compliance obligations.


Cleared leaves less flooding OUTCO

As the leaves begin to fall, businesses of every size are faced with the annual challenge of leaf accumulation on their premises. Those red, brown and yellow tones of Autumn may look stunning and evoke dreamy thoughts of stirring family walks and mulled wine, but for business, falling leaves clog drains, leading to water damage and flooding, and accumulate on paths, car parks, and other areas, posing a slip and fall hazard. Fallen leaves also attract pests and block gutters

Pothole repairs, pothole car park cracked surface

What exactly causes potholes to form, and how does the current icy weather play a role?

Winter Gritting do it yourself OUTCO Contractor

DIY Winter Gritting for Businesses: A Safe and Effective Approach. DIY gritting can be a cost-effective alternative for businesses with the necessary resources and expertise.

Winter weather 1947, snowbound bus, Castle Hill, Huddersfield

The UK is no stranger to the extreme of winter weather. Throughout its history, the country has faced several extreme winter snow years, each leaving an indelible mark on infrastructure and the lives of our citizens.

winter gritting services

With over two decades of expertise in winter gritting, OUTCO’s operational team has more experience than any other winter services provider in the UK

Cold weather time to sort winter gritting OUTCO

The UK just recorded the coldest night in November for the last 13 years with temperatures dropping as low as -8C.