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Snow Clearance

OUTCO are the nation’s largest specialist winter services company, and our snow clearance services stretch from small single sites such as schools or retail parks, to nationwide property management chains and railway companies

Snow Clearance Quote

Snow Clearance

OUTCO are the experts at clearing snow from car parks, roads and pedestrian areas, ensuring our clients’ facility remains safe and compliant at all times. Snow clearance is different from snow removal, which involves removing the snow from a site completely. 

Ordering snow clearing

We will work with our clients to define an effective snow clearance plan and ensure that each client understands precisely what is expected. This bespoke approach will help clients proactively manage their site and minimise business risk.  

  • OUTCO will digitally map out a site and agree areas to be included using the latest technology 
  • We will then attend a site and perform a physical snow clearing site survey. This allows us to identify any on-site features we need to be aware of when performing snow clearance  
  • Once any potential hazards or areas where additional care and attention have been identified (i.e. where the snow piles up), we report our findings back for agreementprior to commencing our service. 

OUTCO snow clearance process

Our snow clearance service involves monitoring the weather on behalf of our client. Whenever snowfall is forecast to reach a certain depth, we will attend a sites with our snow apparatus, clear the snow from the designated areas and “push” it to the assigned locations, where it can safely melt away. We can also perform de-icing on the area afterwards, so the site is compliant and clear of both snow and ice. 

Why outsource your snow clearance

Most facilities managers choose to outsource their gritting and snow clearance services. An outsourced snow clearance service can provide better access to well-trained staff, along with the latest knowledge and innovation, bringing improved service quality and the reassurance that full compliance is being achieved. 

In certain sectors, such as healthcare, transport and utilities, there is usually a requirement for the facilities to be accessed safely and securely around the clock, whatever the weather and these require a high specification service. Snow clearance services need to be available throughout the day, in addition to a pre-emptive service, to ensure all the facilities always remain accessible. 

Most importantly, OUTCO removes any regulatory and compliance pressures for our customers, by effectively identifying and addressing liabilities on site. In doing so we proactively safeguard against any predictable operational, financial and reputational risk for total peace of mind.   

Snow clearance planning

Snow clearance with OUTCO starts with a snow clearance plan. A snow clearance plan must be well communicated with key performance indicators (KPIs) drawn up to ensure that clients know precisely what is expected. 

  • Decide who will oversee the plan 
  • Assign special tasks to individual team members 
  • Identify site areas that could become hazardous in severe weather conditions 
  • Detail the exact areas that need to be cleared, as well as when and how 
  • Ensure that snow and ice clearance equipment is regularly maintained 
  • Ensure that the site is supplied with sufficient salt, grit bins and clearance equipment for a prolonged winter season
  • Agree on a clear process for dealing with problems/issues. 

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