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Following a site survey by our experts, OUTCO was appointed by leading supermarket giant ASDA to complete tree bedding repairs to the block paved car park and damaged kerbing around each tree pits at their superstore in Kingshill.

The site survey highlighted critical areas of repair, including raised tree pits that had caused uneven surfaces across the entire car park, damaged kerbing that had become loose and potential trip hazards around pedestrian walkways.

Due to the severity of the damage ASDA wanted the works completed as soon as possible whilst maintaining complete access to the store and sufficient car parking spaces.


Our operations began with OUTCO drainage completing a CCTV drainage survey investigating the status of the drainage channels around the site and ensuring they are clear and functioning correctly prior to the works. Problems with drainage can then be rectified prior to surfacing works, particularly key if the problems would require excavation.

The 8 week project was meticulously planned to ensure OUTCO met all the requirements of ASDA and could complete the works as quickly and cost-efficient as possible.

The works were phased into 8 areas, separated from the general public by temporary fencing and ensuring our teams could lift and repair the blocked paving parking areas without causing too much disruption, works were throughout the day other than critical paving repairs in front of the store entrance, this was completed during a Sunday night when the store was closed to minimise disruption.

Identified areas across the car park included damaged ACO drainage channels that had collapsed, OUTCO replaced these areas with new ACO drain channels, ensuring the rainfall would drain appropriately removing the potential of ponding on site.

Following the uplift, the parking bays were relined to improve visibility for customers.


Due to the season an excessive amount of leaves on the ground meant condition would be tricky, this was resolved by OUTCO completing a site clear up prior to the work commencing, ensuring the leaf’s were clear from the area of work.

Part of these works was also completed during the UK fuel crisis, this affected some deliveries to site which meant extra planning and coordinating was required to ensure a continuation of the programme.


The works were completed to schedule and handed back to a very happy client.