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Environmental pothole repair with tyres

Environmental Pothole Repair: Your Solution for Meeting Green Targets

At OUTCO, we take pride in offering our clients more sustainable maintenance solutions, including environmentally friendly pothole repair.

Our Environmental Road Polymer Technology (ERPT) is the latest innovation in car park and environmental pothole repair, using patented Recycled Rubber Polymer Technology to repair potholes which achieves up to 95% less CO2 emissions in the process. This award-winning technology is already approved for use on UK highways and uses end-of-life tyres which are recycled and put back into damaged roads and car parks in a more cost-effectively, faster and more environmentally friendly manner than traditional methods.

The environmental impact of pothole repair

The average pothole or asphalt repair using traditional methods emits approximately 30kgs of CO2 per repair. The equivalent of incinerating more than 1.5 end-of-life tyres.

At the same time, the cost of not repairing asphalt damage greatly reduces the lifespan and exponentially increases the capital cost of the asset over its lifecycle.

As of July 16th 2006 old tyres cannot be landfilled, tyres take over 100 years to start to break down, causing untold damages to the environment, the EU Landfill Directive banned dumping used tyres across the whole of the union.

Advantages of using ERPT to repair potholes

Our innovative environmental pothole repair solution is more cost-effectively, faster and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods and around 90% of potholes can be repaired by using this method.

  • ERPT potholes repair achieves up to 95% less CO2 emissions
  • Curing time is achieved in as little as 15 minutes
  • Reduced repair cost
  • Up to 84% less time spent on site
  • Extends the lifecycle of the asphalt.

Embracing environmentally friendly pothole repair practices

With the growing significance of environmental and sustainable concerns, property managers are frequently assigned with the responsibility of discovering solutions that promote eco-friendly initiatives and facilitate the transition towards achieving net zero emissions. By adopting a more environmentally friendly approach to pothole repair, you can move one step closer to achieving your environmental objectives.

Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance, pothole repair and other services…

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