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winter gritting and snow clearance

Freezing temperatures are on the way to the UK – are you winter maintenance ready?

Freezing winter temperatures are set to reach the UK next week, following an unseasonably mild autumn. As a cold front moves across the country, many of us will experience wintery showers and sustained sub-zero conditions.

Cold air is now being pulled from Russia and Scandinavia towards us, meaning we are going to experience a drop in winter temperature. Below-average temperatures are now expected to be with us for some time and will potentially last up to Christmas.

Even though the mercury will struggle to get above freezing during the daytime, it’s a night when we will be more exposed to frost and ice, so you must have your winter gritting services booked to keep your sites from being a liability.

Winter gritting keeps your sites open and safe

Proactive winter maintenance planning has become a vital way to help businesses to mitigate risks. OUTCO’s practices and full liability protection help ensure everything reasonable is done to prevent accidents from slips and falls on snow and ice; risk assessments, our policy for dealing with icy conditions before road surface temperatures drop to zero, documentation and timed service tracking. Such evidence is needed even when you have full liability protection insurance and to meet your insurer’s expectations.

Keeping everyone safe

Duty of care extends to everyone visiting or passing by your facility, including suppliers on company business and members of the public. Every organisation must therefore be able to demonstrate that they have done everything reasonable to meet these obligations to make sites safe for staff and customers.

It pays to reassure employees that, as an employer, you do all in your power to protect your staff’s safety.

Monitoring winter temperatures with smart technology

OUTCO employs sophisticated smart technology to monitor and track weather patterns in real time. We have large amounts of accurate weather data at our fingertips which ensures ensure high-level temperature accuracy. Armed with this data we can identify trends that allow us to better inform and guide our clients as to when and which winter services are best for them.

OUTCO winter services

OUTCO delivers award winning winter gritting on time, every time and without fail.

  • 99.8% reliability record
  • 99.9% customer satisfaction

Find out how our expert winter maintenance team can help…

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