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OUTCO reflects following our 6 months of launch

OUTCO celebrates 6 months after launch today, 17th May was the date OUTCO was introduced as the experts in outdoor estates compliance, combining our businesses 17 year existence with our teams 30+ years of industry experience and knowledge.

Offering something new, OUTCO was launched to improve efficiency and ease to our clients, bringing together multiple service lines under a single service provider all backed by smart technology to ensure complete transparency and trust.

“I have a single point of contact to discuss several services with over multiple sites, this makes communication so much simpler and removes the need for me to managed 20 plus contractors for the same works.” Chris Stenson – Property Manager – Manchester

OUTCO has experienced rapid growth with our client base, the sites we serve and in a combined service delivery for our existing clients, working with over 1,100 of the biggest brands across the UK, we support thousands ofsites with outdoor estates compliance.

OUTCO now offers our clients the a complete outdoor estates service including:
Winter services including gritting and snow clearance
Grounds maintenance such as grass cutting and weed, leaf and litter clearing
Surfacing, from low emission pothole repairs to large car park resurfacing projects
Drainage both CCTV surveys and remedial repairs
Civil engineering works including kerb repairs, concrete works and groundworks
Line marking projects, from health and safety markings to car park bays and internal warehouse demarcations
Specialist coatings including waterproofing for multi-deck car parks, coloured systems for demarcation such as footpaths and crossings to resinous systems for an aesthetic appeal.
Small works, our reactive response teams are available to make safe emergency repairs
EV, a complete end to end solution from ducting and installation of the electrical units to commissioning and line marking, we can assist with all stages of the process.

Our complete solutions keeps our customers one step ahead of regulatory and operational compliance, ensuring their outdoor estate looks good and runs like clockwork come sun, rain or snow, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, year after year.

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