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Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys

OUTCO offer comprehensive tree surveys which include a detailed health and condition assessment, and a risk assessment

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Tree Surveys

OUTCO offers comprehensive surveys which include a detailed health and condition assessment and a risk assessment. Clients receive a detailed report, highlighting any risks from falling trees or branches and providing recommendations for tree management. An OUTCO survey is an important landscape survey that is performed every three years on your trees and identifies diseases that trees may have which make them dangerous.

The surveys will identify, for example, Ash dieback, Acute oak decline and other problems such as Asian longhorn beetles and Birch borer beetles. A survey also ensures that your trees grow in the right shape and direction, and that branches are always monitored to be cleared to 2.4m over paths, 5m over roads, 1m from all street lighting, traffic signs, traffic lights, street name plates and 2m from windows or adjacent premises.

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Grounds Maintenance Services

grass cutting

OUTCO grass services offer a guaranteed way to keep your grass looking smart, tidy and professional throughout the growing season

hedge cutting

OUTCO’s hedge cutting services ensure your hedges are well-maintained and looking great, and also prevent spreading and overgrowth into walkways, ensuring safe, unobstructed passage for pedestrians

litter picking

OUTCO’s litter picking service includes the removal of all litter and waste from commercial properties, as well as the disposal of all waste in accordance with government legislation

Pruning & Edging

Our expert pruning teams will keep your shrubs, bushes and lawns shaped, edged and well maintained, improving their appearance

Sweeping & Blowing

OUTCO provides sweeping and blowing services to keep your facility clean. We help you prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, and keep your sites clean and safe

local Tree surgery near me

OUTCO’s tree works teams provide a full range of tree maintenance operations including felling, crown lifting, pollarding, canopy reductions, aerial dismantling, stump grinding and surveys for diseases such as ash dieback


Strimming is an effective way to maintain grass in hard-to-reach grass areas, around tree bases, obstacles or grass banks. After grass cutting, strimming helps to keep edges looking neat and tidy and can also be effective in maintaining large grass brush areas

Weed Spraying

OUTCO believes in the importance of creating a well-maintained environment. OUTCO uses selective chemical herbicide weed spraying to target specific weed types, or non-specific herbicides for broader control when required

Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hog Weed, Himalayan Balsam (to name but a few), and other non-native plants pose a significant threat to the UK landscape and its biodiversity and can cause serious damage or harm to people and infrastructure

leaf clearance

Leaf clearance takes place during the autumn season and includes the clearance, collection and removal of leaf debris from lawns, walkways and car parks. Regular leaf clearance helps to preserve lawns and shrubs from damage caused by excessive leaf coverage and promotes a healthy landscape

Emptying Bins

OUTCO offers a regular, scheduled bin emptying service that helps to maintain a healthy, clean site and avoids the attraction of pests and vermin. Our hassle-free service empties bins of all sizes and can remove all waste from site

moss removal

Managing the moss on your site is an ongoing process, especially in areas prone to growth, and is therefore important to keep up with regular moss removal and preventative measures

outdoor maintenance services

OUTCO’s landscape installation services create aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds – vital in creating a positive first impressions by visitors

What is a tree survey?

A survey is a detailed inspection of trees on a facility to assess their health, condition, and risk. The survey is typically conducted by a qualified arborist, who will look for signs of disease, decay, or other problems. The arborist will also assess the location of the trees and their proximity to buildings, roads, and other structures.

Why do I need one?

There are a number of reasons why you might need a survey. For example, you may need a survey if you are planning to develop your facility, or if you are concerned about the safety of your trees. A survey can also help you to determine which trees need to be removed or pruned, and it can help you to comply with local regulations.

What does it involve?

A survey typically involves the following steps:

  • We will come and inspect all of the trees on your facility.
  • We will assess the health and condition of each tree.
  • We will determine the risk posed by each tree.
  • We will make recommendations for tree removal, pruning, or other management in a report sent back to you.

How long does it take?

The length of time a survey takes will vary depending on the size of your facility and the number of trees that need to be inspected. However, most facility surveys take between 4 and 8 hours to complete.

What are the benefits of having a tree survey?

There are many benefits to having a tree survey, including:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your trees are safe.
  • Protection from facility damage and personal injury.
  • Compliance with local regulations.
  • Increased facility value.
  • A healthier and more beautiful landscape.
The goal of an OUTCO survey is to provide useful information so that facility managers can make informed decisions, such as trees that pose a health and safety risk. Our surveys conform with the British Standard BS5837 to determine which trees should be retained, and which trees should be removed.

In some regions, surveys are mandatory. This is to prevent a protected tree with a TPO from being cut down accidentally (based on the Wildlife and Countryside Act). The information retrieved from a survey also has commercial validity. For instance, your grounds manager may decide to keep some trees so as to increase the overall value of the property. Those that cannot be removed by law, can be incorporated into the design so that they appear part of the overall landscape.

A survey is useful for pointing out health and safety hazards. For example, our survey will identify trees or branches that may be at imminent risk of falling (especially when there is a strong wind or foul weather) due to fungal decay. In this case, it is better to have the tree removed. Only after a tree survey should actual work start on the trees in the grounds of your premises.

Why Tree Surveys Matter

Trees are not just beautiful natural assets; they can significantly impact your facility. Facility and facility managers understand the importance of surveys to gain a clear understanding of tree health, potential risks, and compliance with regulations. Large estates and councils often order surveys on a three-year cycle to assess tree health, amenity value, probability of failure, and the level of risk they pose to people and facility.

Mandatory Compliance and Proactive Planning

In many facility and facility-related estates, surveys have become mandatory to protect and preserve valuable trees. Compliance with regulations, such as the Wildlife and Countryside Act, prevents the accidental removal of protected trees. Surveys are particularly crucial when planning construction projects, outbuildings, or additional facilities near existing trees. By conducting a thorough tree survey, you ensure the safety and well-being of your trees while adhering to legal requirements.

Facility Value

A well-executed survey offers valuable insights for facility managers, supporting effective planning and project management processes. The data collected provides precise information for investment decisions and optimal design of new offices or parking areas. Grounds maintenance contractors can use survey results to enhance asset value by identifying trees to be retained or added strategically.

Comprehending the legal limitations on tree removal aids in landscape planning, ensuring proper integration of trees within the overall design. Regular surveys, ideally on a three-year cycle, are crucial to ensure the continued health and safety of your trees. With the increasing prevalence of fungus-borne diseases like ash dieback, a survey becomes even more vital.

Our surveys identify if your trees are growing properly, following the right shape and direction. We can then clear them to appropriate heights – 2.4m over paths, 5m over roads, 1m from street lighting and signs, and 2m from windows or adjacent premises.

Comprehensive Tree Services Beyond Surveys

OUTCO offers more than just surveys. Our experienced tree surgeons are equipped to perform major tree pruning operations, including the removal of low branches and epicormic growth.

We address specific challenges such as ash dieback, providing surveying, advice, monitoring, and proactive solutions to combat this devastating disease. Additionally, our ecology surveys assess your site’s environmental impact and help you navigate any ecological considerations during development.

Case Studies

Following a site survey by our experts, OUTCO was appointed by leading supermarket giant ASDA to complete tree bedding repairs to the block paved car park and damaged kerbing around each tree pits at their superstore in Kingshill.

ikea outco

Key client IKEA has been working with OUTCO for 6 years working under a performance-based contract. We deliver a full scope winter service to 29 sites – 2 offices, 3 logistics centres and 24 retail sites across the UK and Ireland. Daily pre-service and post-service reports are emailed to IKEA representatives

nhs property services

NHS Property Services Ltd Birmingham has employed the services of OUTCO since 2015. OUTCO was initially recommended by another NHS body. The contract was put out to tender and OUTCO won on service and cost differentiators. One of the principal aims of NHS Property Services Ltd Birmingham is to maintain a constant high level of support for hospitals, clinics and hospices. They need to supply 24/7 coverage, in all areas of their services, which includes keeping the roads, paths and car parks free of snow and ice in the winter months. This is essential as the NHS has a statutory obligation to keep staff, patients and visitors as safe as possible.


Invasive species are a formidable challenge, but with the right expertise and strategies, they can be managed effectively. Partnering with OUTCO compliance expertise ensures that your property remains healthy, beautiful, and free from the threat of invasive plants. Contact OUTCO today to discuss your invasive species management needs.

Invasive species are a formidable challenge, but with the right expertise and strategies, they can be managed effectively. Partnering with OUTCO ensures that your property remains healthy, beautiful, and free from the threat of weeds & invasive species

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At OUTCO, we’re committed to a health and safety culture where every employee returns home safe and healthy

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