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Environmentally friendly pothole repair

How recycling your old car tyres helps to repair potholes

At OUTCO, we’re pleased to provide our clients with a more environmentally friendly way to repair potholes.

As environmental and sustainable issues become increasingly important, property managers are frequently tasked with finding solutions that support green issues and the path to net zero.

Using end-of-life tyres to repair potholes

OUTCO’s Environmental Rubber Polymer Technology (ERPT) incorporates recycled tyres with a warm mix asphalt to provide a more environmentally sustainable asphalt with a reduced carbon footprint.

We are pleased to find a sustainable solution to end-of-life tyres, especially as approximately 40 million tyres are discarded annually in the UK.

OUTCO Pothole Repair

Advantages of using ERPT to repair potholes

Our innovative pothole repair solution is more cost-effectively, faster and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods and around 90% of potholes can be repaired by using this method.

  • ERPT potholes repair achieves up to 95% less CO2 emissions
  • Curing time is achieved in as little as 15 minutes
  • Reduced repair cost
  • Up to 84% less time spent on site
  • Extends the lifecycle of the asphalt.

Helping you meet your environmental and ESG targets

Traditional pothole repair is not very environmentally friendly. However, by using end-of-life car tyres to help repair potholes, we can help meet your ESG and environmental targets in several ways:

  • Provide a sustainable solution for disposing of used tyres, as the rubber is recycled and reused.
  • Reduce the need for new materials in road repair, reducing the use of natural resources that would otherwise be required.
  • Less waste is sent to landfills, helping to reduce environmental pollution.

When it comes to potholes, our advice is simple: be proactive rather than reactive. Regular site inspections and the immediate repair of any defects will keep you one step ahead of potential problems and compensation claims.


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