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How To Make your Business Ready For A Snow Bomb

A snow bomb is a regular annual weather phenomenon that occurs when a large amount of cold air rapidly moves over a warmer area, causing rapid and intense snowfall in a short period of time, and always result in significant disruptions to transport, business, and daily life.

The UK is especially vulnerable to snow bombs due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which provides a source of moisture to create the snow.

These events significantly impact business life, disrupting operations and causing business property damage. To effectively manage snow clearance during such events, businesses should develop a comprehensive preparedness plan that encompasses snow preparation, response, and recovery.

Effective Snow Clearance

Identify areas prone to heavy snow, determine and make a site map for immediate attention during and after a snow bomb. Prioritise areas that affect customer access, employee safety, and business operations, such as emergency exits, entrances, exits, car parks, loading bays, drop off points and footpaths.

Ensure adequate supplies of snow shovels, scoops, buckets and salt, grit, and specialist de-icing agents to handle the expected snowfall. Include plenty of high-vis coats, woolly hats and gloves for your staff. Consider the amount of snow and the potential for icy conditions, and make sure that you store all these supplies in a place that itself will not be inaccessible if a snow bomb lands.

Designate a specific team responsible for managing snow clearance operations. Establish clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring that everyone knows their tasks and has the necessary equipment. Snow clearance is a heavy physical activity which can lead to cardiac episodes and should not be undertaken unless the staff are fit and able.

Inform all employees about the snow clearance plan, including schedules, emergency contact information, expectations for their involvement, and a work-from-home policy if the snow is significant. A central phone number or intranet site that all employees can report to and obtain the latest update every morning is especially useful.

Winter Gritting Before Snow Falls

Ensure adequate winter gritting prior to any snow falling to prevent ice build-up. De-icing agents like road salt work by lowering the freezing point of water, making it more difficult for ice to form. They are typically applied to car parks, footpaths and other significant areas before the snow bomb lands.

Review your insurance policies to ensure coverage for snow-related damages and liabilities. This can include damage to your facility caused by snow, such as roof leaks, fallen signs, or structural damage, liability claims arising from snow-related incidents such as injuries to employees or suppliers and business interruption losses caused by a snowstorm that shuts down your business. Your commercial insurance policy may cover the cost of snow clearance, snow removal and other measures taken to prevent snow-related damages.

Hire a Snow Clearance Professional Contractor

At OUTCO, (formerly GRITIT) we have been successfully managing Snow Clearance for over 20 years. Contact us if you need any help or advice.

We provide a complete range of professional winter maintenance planning and delivery services including winter gritting, ensuring that your site automatically remains safe, compliant and operational even through the fiercest of winters snow bombs. From winter gritting to snow clearance, our professional winter services come with a full audit trail and protection against claims.

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