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Modern office with plants

How prepared are you for the office of the future?

As companies re-open their offices and begin to welcome more staff back into the workplace, we’re pleased that business leaders are recognising the benefits of better utilising their outdoor and green spaces. How prepared are you for the office of the future?

Expectations around work and workplaces have fundamentally changed, with modern technology allowing the office workforce to be more mobile and fluid, as they adopt a hybrid / flexible way of working.

Modern offices should be destinations, and somewhere you want to go.

The office of the future must enable productivity, be visually attractive, provide a quiet place to work and be a facilitator for collaborative working. Combining all these components, while keeping staff safe isn’t an easy task.

Breathe new life into your office and let OUTCO help you create a safe and welcoming environment as your colleagues return.

Better utilise your outdoor spaces

As experts in outdoor and grounds maintenance, we can transform your soft and hard standing surfaces into multi-use spaces that are attractive, welcoming and flexible.

  • Outdoor space turned into adaptable break-out locations
  • Provide creative landscaping and sustainable planting solutions
  • Install outdoor infrastructure and furniture
  • Resurface hard standing areas with aesthetic asphalt and line marking applications.

Biodiverse landscapes

It is increasingly recognised that biodiverse green spaces that encourage native wildlife and plant species to thrive can improve our mental health and wellbeing. This can enhance workplaces, learning environments or virtually any outdoor space.

Bring the outdoors inside with interior plants

There are many benefits to having plants inside. Multiple studies have proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier. Indoor plants offer both psychological and physical health benefits that include:

  • Improving mental health, wellbeing, focus and cognitive performance
  • Helping to lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Increasing humidity levels
  • Lessening the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality
  • Enhancing the appearance of indoor spaces.

Interior plants are a great way to divide up a workspace and are aesthetically pleasing.

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