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British hedgehog

Protecting the endangered British hedgehog

When it comes to the environment, OUTCO adopts a sustainable and responsible approach. Our approach extends from more globally publicised issues such as C02 emissions, right through to the protection of localised habitats and the animals that live within, such as the British hedgehog, which is now classed as vulnerable to extinction.

As our part in the commitment by the University of Leeds to create a hedgehog-friendly campus, OUTCO has trained all staff on hedgehog awareness and conservation. OUTCO is proud to support the University and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society in the protection of this vulnerable mammal.

British Hedgehogs

Sadly, the much-loved hedgehog population in the UK is in serious decline, and with fireworks night upon us, we are urging those of us who are having bonfires to check for hedgehogs.

At this time of year, hedgehogs are looking for warm places to hibernate, and your bonfire looks warm, comfortable and inviting.

With fireworks night upon us, OUTCO are urging those of us who are having bonfires to check for hedgehogs.

The Society has a three-step plan to try to ensure the safety of hedgehogs on bonfire night:

MOVE the materials to clear ground on the day they’re to be lit, then
CHECK the pile carefully just before striking that match, and finally
OFFER an escape route by only lighting from one side.

Going electric: battery-powered tools

OUTCO has introduced battery-powered tools to our fleet, and this equipment carries hedgehog awareness branding.

OUTCO battery powered tools

Battery-powered tools have many advantages and operate at a much quieter level. This often means British hedgehogs are less aware of people working near their habitats, which is why OUTCO ensures our ground services staff are trained to be aware of these endangered animals.

Advantages of battery-powered tools

  • Fewer emissions
  • Quieter
  • Lighter
  • Less operator fatigue.

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