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Winter Gritting Services – Keeping Your Business Moving In The Cold Snap

The United Kingdom finds itself in the icy grip of a Scandinavian cold snap, courtesy of the formidable polar vortex. Temperatures have plummeted to as low as -8°C (18°F), making this November the coldest in over a decade. As the nation braces for a prolonged cold snap, we stand ready to help businesses navigate the frosty challenges that lie ahead with our winter gritting services.

Understanding the Polar Vortex

The Polar Vortex, a vast expanse of low pressure and cold air encircling the North and South Poles, is typically at its strongest during winter. This year it is flexing its muscles, reaching further south than usual. The Jet Stream’s peculiar positioning, acting as a cold air barrier in the Arctic, has allowed frigid temperatures to spill into Europe, creating frozen temperatures across the UK. The consequences of the cold snap are palpable:

Record-Breaking Cold, The UK is experiencing its coldest November night since 2010, with temperatures plummeting to -8°C in some regions.Snow and Ice, Parts of Scotland and eastern England have witnessed snowfall, with the risk of further snowfall looming.Travel Woes, Roads and railways face closures due to icy conditions, causing disruptions in travel.
Power Challenges: Some areas are grappling with power cuts as the cold weather takes its toll.

Stay Prepared

As the cold spell persists, we urge businesses to stay prepared, consider allowing remote work during extreme weather to ensure both productivity and employee safety. Stock up on essential supplies such as grit bins, salt, and snow shovels for slip-free walkways and entrances. The icy weather forecast indicates that the upcoming cold snap may persist for several days, potentially causing further disruptions.

Winter Gritting Services 

With over two decades of expertise including multiple industry awards, we have also written the UK Winter Maintenance industry guidelines and best practice in association with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM). Our commitment to quality and environment is demonstrated by our ISO accreditations – 9001, 14001, and 45001 and by being shortlisted for the UK Proptech Awards for Environmental Impact recently.

We ensure proactive and targeted winter gritting services, keeping your operations uninterrupted.

Our Winter Gritting services

Our nationwide winter gritting and snow clearing service has an established, market-leading track record of providing award winning specialist winter services. Our mission is to be the preferred supplier for quality winter maintenance, winter gritting, snow clearance and specialist de-icing products to keep estates free of snow and ice, ensuring sites remain safe, compliant and operational even through the harshest winter weather.


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