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Snow and winter gritting services

Keeping winter at bay with winter gritting services

As the winter gritting experts, we know how to keep the winter weather in check, so it doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day business operations.

Choosing OUTCO as your winter gritting service provider will save you money, give your business back time and keep your sites safe and compliant.

The success rate of OUTCO delivering 99.98% of winter gritting services, across all our 7,500 managed sites with no incidents and on time is unmatched. OUTCO is a business designed on data, tight tolerances and an industrious work ethic that always gives us leverage over the winter season. Here is a brief overview of how we keep winter under control.

A winter business model that works

Our business model is simple and highly effective; a national business, local delivery, industry-leading technology and committed people.

  • Manage over 300,000 services last year
  • 99.8% reliability record
  • 99.9% customer satisfaction
  • Nearly two decades in delivering winter services.

Experience and reputation must be earned; they cannot be bought.

Industry-leading smart technology

We are a data-led business, every process and decision is based on clean, clear information that allows us to act quickly, saving time and resources for all stakeholders. Our smart technology stack is based on Nimbus, our award-winning bespoke management platform, which uses the latest tracking, algorithmic and telematics software. Nimbus is the common technology platform across the business that internal and external stakeholders interact with which allows full transparency.

A winter-ready vehicle fleet

At OUTCO we have a dedicated fleet of over 500 vehicles that are winter ready. All vehicles are subject to strict annual summer maintenance plans across all hubs nationwide. All vehicles are regularly exercised on set routes, making sure the smooth running of all winter vehicles.

Best in the business winter gritting and snow clearance equipment

We use BOSS winter snow ploughs and spreaders and are the UK’s exclusive importer of BOSS equipment. This guarantees that we have the best equipment and also the spare parts in stock. No other FM company are as better equipped with dedicated winter equipment than OUTCO.

Service delivery resilience

OUTCO is here to support you during winter 24/7. Our dedicated winter operations team is always on call and are a constant line of support to winter gritting operatives on the ground.

On the ground, we have assistant regional managers who perform inspections at random at night which ensures all operatives and sites are compliant.


Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance and other services…

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