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OUTCO by numbers

Following the OUTCO launch, our growth and enhanced offering, we have some incredible numbers and statistics that represent our brand.

125,000m2 asphalt laid in Q1 2021

Our surfacing services have laid over 125,000m2 of asphalt over 150 projects in Q1 of 2021, that is the equivalent of 18 premier league football pitches. From standard SMA surfaces to low emission REA solutions our teams are available for all your surfacing requirements.

30,000+ km’s drainage surveyed

Our drainage division are available 24/7 to investigate and survey your drainage system, using the latest technology our camera operatives will survey and map your drainage channels to check for damages beneath the surface that can often result in problem above the surface such as ponding and uneven surfaces.

7,518 Individual sites serviced

Our excellent service delivery and client transparency through our smart technology has resulted in OUTCO being responsible for thousands ofindividual sites across the UK.

1,000+ clients registered with OUTCO

Our long standing relationships and excellent customer service means OUTCO has over 1,000 clients.

137 NHS sites serviced

Critical to the UK, OUTCO is a valuable service provider to the NHS, servicing sites across the UK and operating 24/7 to minimize disruption to the blue light services.

61 Client Net Promoter Score

A customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking our customers how likely they are to recommend our service to others

24 Spokes on our logo to represent the 24 hours, around the clock service

The OUTCO logo is a representation of many aspects of our business, 24 spokes represent the 24 hours in a day and our around the clock service, 24/7, 365 days a year

21 service lines within three service categories, Surfacing, Grounds & Winter

Although our key service lines are across three categories, we have many disciplines within each, surfacing and infrastructure for example, within that service line we have specific service activities such as surfacing, drainage, specialist coating, waterproofing, EV, in winter services, gritting, de-icing, snow clearing, in grounds, lawn mowing, forestry clearance plus many more.

15 Strategically placed locations to offer complete national coverage

OUTCO operate across the UK, we have strategically placed locations to ensure we can serve our clients anywhere in the UK, from the North of Scotland, to the far west of Wales, the Easy of England and the very South. Our supply chain partners ensure we can offer the very best of service to our clients anywhere in the UK.

9 / 10 top UK retailers served (Inc. Amazon, Tesco and B&Q)

OUTCO are proud to work and be trusted by the biggest names in the UK retail industry.

1 Company

Our unique combined service offering provides a new way for customers to manage outdoor assets by bringing together multiple outdoor services for greater efficiency, performance and convenience through a single supplier. Powered by smart technology, a customer solution enabling 24/7, 365-days-a-year warning, tracking and reporting on any device, anywhere and at any time.

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