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OUTCO pothole services - repair and maintain the tarmac on your car parks

OUTCO explains Why Spring Time is Pothole Services Time

As Winter comes to an end and Spring approaches, pothole and surface repairs come to the fore as a familiar sight reappears on our car parks – potholes. These sudden depressions can wreak havoc on cars, disrupt traffic flow, and pose safety hazards for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. But why do potholes become such a prominent issue after the winter months? The culprit lies in the new weather pattern across the UK in Winter.

Winter wreaks absolute havoc on tarmac because of the freeze-thaw cycle. Rain seeps into cracks and imperfections, then freezes and expands inside the tarmac as temperatures drop. This expanding ice puts immense pressure on the asphalt, widening cracks and weakening the tarmac structure inside. When warmer weather returns, the ice melts leaving voids beneath the surface. Now weakened and unsupported, the asphalt crumbles under the weight of cars, forming potholes. Many potholes. Regions with frequent freeze-thaw cycles and heavy precipitation are especially vulnerable, as more water infiltrates the tarmac and exacerbates the problem. With rainfall increasing during Britain’s winters with climate change, this issue is only set to increase.

A new report out this week paints a bleak picture around the state of the roads England and Wales, describing them as being at “breaking point” due to a surge in potholes. The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) found pothole repairs are at an eight-year high, with local councils expected to fix a staggering two million potholes in the current financial year. This represents a worrying 43% increase compared to the previous year and marks the highest annual total since 2015-16. The sheer volume of repairs highlights the urgent need for increased investment in pothole services to prevent further deterioration of the road network.

The Impact of Potholes

Potholes are more than just a springtime nuisance; they pose significant challenges for businesses and communities. For companies with vehicle fleets, these road hazards can lead to costly repairs as potholes damage tires, wheels, and suspension systems. Beyond the financial burden, potholes also create safety risks for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, potentially causing accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Traffic congestion and inefficiencies are another consequence, as drivers are forced to swerve and slow down to avoid potholes. This underscores the importance of timely pothole repair and maintenance services.

Ignoring potholes is a recipe for disaster. Prompt pothole repair and car park maintenance are both crucial to prevent further damage. Left unrepaired, potholes will only ever continue to deteriorate, growing larger and causing even more extensive structural damage to your car park. This inevitably leads to even costlier repairs down the line. However, by filling potholes promptly, you can prevent further water infiltration and preserve the overall integrity of the asphalt. This not only extends the lifespan of your road but also reduces the need for expensive road resurfacing projects. Most importantly, repairing potholes creates a smoother and safer driving experience for everyone.

That’s where OUTCO, your reliable partner for pothole services, comes in. At OUTCO, we understand the challenges posed by winter road damage. We offer a comprehensive range of pothole repair solutions designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Our nationwide teams of experienced professionals use cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials to ensure a fast and permanent fix for your pothole problems, making sure you have minimum downtime. Our emergency mastic pothole repair service can be in and out your car park and finished within a couple of hours, in contrast to a full resurfacing crew which means a week of downtime.

Here’s how OUTCO can be your trusted partner for pothole services

OUTCO goes beyond just being a pothole service provider; we’re your trusted partner in keeping your car parks safe and functional. Our commitment starts with rapid response and repair. Our crews are equipped and prepared to handle pothole repairs swiftly, minimising disruptions to your operations. We understand that budgets are important, so we offer a variety of cost-effective solutions tailored to the severity of the pothole. This ensures you get best value for money. But our focus isn’t just on immediate fixes; we use high-quality materials with green credentials and proven techniques to ensure long-lasting repairs that can withstand heavy traffic loads. This focus on durability minimises the need for repeat repairs and associated costs.

Practical tips to help you identify, report, and repair potholes effectively

Regular Inspections: Conduct regular visual inspections of your car parks to identify potholes as early as possible, and get them seen to fast.

Reporting Procedures: Have a system in place for reporting potholes on the roadways outside your facility to the appropriate authorities, or if they are on your own property, plan to address them promptly.

Partner with a Reliable Pothole Repair Company: Choose an experienced company like OUTCO with a proven track record of providing high-quality, efficient pothole repair services.

By taking a proactive approach to pothole maintenance, businesses and communities can minimise the impact of winter road damage and ensure the safety of everyone.


Don’t let potholes become a post-winter headache. Contact OUTCO today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how our pothole repair services can help you keep your roads safe and functional all year round.

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