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OUTCO: Experts At Work

By offering the UK’s first end-to-end estate maintenance and compliance solution, OUTCO provides a full and integrated range of grounds maintenance, surfacing, infrastructure, EV and winter services to our clients nationwide. We talk about OUTCO, why we’re here and how we’re here to help any company, organisation or individual who has responsibility for managing an outdoor estate.

OUTCO People

OUTCO is a ‘people-focused organisation’ and we are proud of the relationships our OUTCO teams have built with our clients to provide a dependable and transparent service. A core OUTCO principle is to ensure that we achieve maximum effectiveness by working together, both internally as an organisation and externally with our suppliers, stakeholders and customers.

OUTCO adopts a collaborative approach to every aspect of our work to ensure that we deliver the very best service to our clients. This is an approach that has enabled us to build longstanding relationships with our clients, which span every industry sector from local government, retail, property, industrial and commercial to education and healthcare. Our services support clients’ commercial objectives, ensure compliance and deliver innovative enhancements to the users of their outdoor estates. This is why OUTCO are trusted partners to many of the UKs largest organisations, including most of the UKs major supermarket chains and nine out of the top ten UK retailers.

OUTCO Training

OUTCO’s people benefit from the best training in the industry, including our own winter risk management training programmes, which are nationally recognised and LANTRA approved. All operatives undergo this training, which not only increases the quality of the jobs completed on your behalf, but also increases the speed and efficiency of operations. The OUTCO Academy training helps operatives improve techniques, promotes safe working practices, including risk assessments and method statements RAMS and also includes advanced driving skills. Each operative is subsequently set yearly assessments with your target SLAs as their minimum target.

All of our staff receive pre-contract induction and on-going training, such as tool-box talks, on working safely and, in accordance with our method statements, are not allowed to work on sites until their line manager has confirmed that they have both received and understood their health and safety training. With both a top-down and bottom-up approach, we instil health and safety ownership at every level of the company through our operator training, thereby achieving a 97% Achilles audit result. That’s why with OUTCO you know you are working with a safety-first business partner

OUTCO Flexibility

OUTCO provides the flexibility and agility to manage any or every aspect of a clients’ outdoor estate. We have the skills, the knowledge and infrastructure to deliver on a single site or across multiple client estates, regardless of the size or location. Our local teams can mobilise at a moment’s notice to provide round the clock support. Our clients can rest assured that OUTCO will keep them safe, operational and fully compliant 24/7, 365 days a year. Year after year. With the increasingly regulated outdoor FM environment, OUTCO ensures site compliance 365 days a year, and with our extensive experience in managing site maintenance we understand your requirements for outdoor estates services.

OUTCO’s people benefit from the best training in the industry, including our own winter risk management training programmes, which are nationally recognised and LANTRA approved


Our patented technology provides a visual analysis of all site services, ensuring total transparency between us and our clients, with real time data and clear visibility as to what’s been delivered and when, to provide a clear audit trail of activity. We deliver this compliance data directly into our client’s systems through in-house APIs. This technology makes estates easier to manage, empowering clients to control risks and ensure compliance at all times.

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