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outco property tech Company of the year

OUTCO honoured to be shortlisted as Property Tech Company of the year 2023

OUTCO is delighted to be shortlisted as the Property Tech Company of the year 2023. Great recognition for our Tech Team and especially for our unique in-house technology NIMBUS to be validated at this level.

Everybody loves an awards ceremony. Except at this event, we won’t be donning the obligatory tuxedo, as this is in the Tech sector, dress code for the UK Business Tech Awards is more akin to Silicon Valley style t-shirt and jacket.

OUTCO Tech Background

A bit of background… 17 years ago, (prior to rebranding as OUTCO), as GRITIT we realised there wasn’t anything available on the market that could effectively manage the innumerable variables in a live and ever-changing weather environment that comes with delivering thousands of Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance jobs in a real-time.

In 2007 NIMBUS was conceived and has literally been a game changer; we have delivered millions of jobs and our SLA delivery is still running at 98.99%. NIMBUS ensures the right people are at the right place to guarantee our customers premises are safe and operational with stacks of empirical data points to evidence this. This enabled us to set a legal precedent in the UK courts successfully defending against ice related slip claims. We have also been listed in the Sunday Times Fast Track as one of the fastest growing private companies in the UK and then again in the Sunday Times Profit Track in 2020 for the fastest growing profits.

Jason Petsch, OUTCO CEO said “We are excited about what OUTCO has to offer our clients and how our technology can add value”

OUTCO property tech and the future

The beauty of having our own technology means we are constantly developing and improving, with some exciting projects in the pipeline we are looking to continue adding functionality and developing NIMBUS further. Especially exiting harnessing AI and big data as a tool for improving the customer experience.

We don’t always get it right mind you, in 2008 we accidentally launched the UK’s first robotic gritter ahead of its time. Unfortunately, ‘Robo Grit’ is in the gritting museum for now. (read about Robo Gritter here)

Award-Winning Winter Gritting

One thing is for sure, NIMBUS helps us deliver Award-Winning Winter Gritting, if this is of interest or alternatively if you are looking to attend the awards ceremony with us, (Hawaiian shirt compulsory) please get in touch.

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