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Post Winter Rectification

OUTCO post winter rectification services keep clients safe and compliant after the harsh winter months and throughout the entire year.

Post Winter Rectification

It is critical that roads, carparks and surfaces are monitored for signs of cracking and potholes, especially when the winter season begins to come to a close. Potholes can represent a significant threat for staff and visitors to a site and must be dealt with in a fast and efficient way to mitigate any risk against damage to vehicles or tips and falls 

What causes a pothole?

Potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction action when water seeps into the surface and freezes. This process creates cracking to the surface and over time these cracks deteriorate leaving behind open voids. The deterioration process is then accelerated when vehicles are driven over the compromised surface (due to their weight), which is why we regularly see potholes appear in high traffic locations. Freezing night-time temperatures combined with warmer daytimes exacerbate the problem and the colder winter months are when potholes are most prevalent. 

In many cases there may be hidden draining issues causing the problem. Using the latest drainage technology, OUTCO can survey the site or location and identify the source, and then advise on the course of action to remedy the problem. 

Be proactive and inspect your sites

When it comes to potholes, OUTCO’s advice is simple: be proactive rather than reactive. Regular site inspections and the immediate repair of any defects will keep you one step ahead of potential problems. 

Potholes must be correctly repaired to avoid increasing the size of the problem. Simply filling a pothole is not the solution, as the surrounding area must also be attended to, ensuring a good repair is achieved. 

How to identify the early signs of a pothole

  • Loose material sitting on top of the surface 
  • Cracks or “crocodile skin” beginning to appear 
  • Depressions or water pooling 
  • Small holes due to missing material 
  • Breakdown or wearing of joints and/or sealing material. 

Keeping people safe and sites compliant

Employers must ensure workplaces are safe and without risks to either workers or visitors on the site. If incidents occur, employers place themselves at risk of legal action. 

After a harsh winter many assets made from timber along with wooden fencing will need some attention to prolong their lifespan and keep a site compliant and looking good. We are able to inspect these assets along with other areas of an estate, to ensure the entire site is maintained to the highest of standards.

Post winter tree survey

Performing a post winter tree survey offers peace of mind that trees on site are in a healthy and safe condition. An OUTCO tree survey ensures that tree growth is safe and compliant, and our tree surgeons can carry out major tree pruning operations as required. 

OUTCO post winter rectification services keep clients safe and compliant after the harsh winter months and throughout the entire year.  

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