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Simple (But Important) Things We Do For Health And Safety

World Safety and Health at Work Day next week serves as a powerful reminder that true safety isn’t just a checklist – it’s the foundation of everything we do. At OUTCO, this commitment to health and safety takes on special importance. For our teams: we navigate diverse risks across winter maintenance, grounds maintenance, and asset maintenance – from unpredictable weather and heavy machinery to the specific hazards of each area. For our clients: their health and safety is the reason we exist.

While core safety principles guide us, we recognise that effective safety for our teams demands tailored knowledge for each service. In winter maintenance, this means mastering snow and ice removal, ensuring vehicle and equipment safety in harsh weather, understanding cold exposure risks, and using technology to protect lone workers out at client premises in the middle of the night. For grounds maintenance, we focus on ergonomics to prevent strains, the safe use of sharp landscaping tools, and making sure our operatives are safe from falling objects, noise exposure and weather hazards. Asset maintenance brings its own challenges: hazardous chemicals, working at heights, and understanding the dangers unique to assets such as underground cables.

OUTCO places client health and safety at the heart of our operations because we believe in prevention. Our rigorous safety standards, proactive risk assessments, and ongoing training empower us to protect clients, their property, and the wider community from potential harm: from slips and trips in winter to all-year safety across the estate, from dangerous trees to hazardous potholes. This translates to peace of mind for our clients and our reputation as the outdoor estate compliance experts.

We believe that safety is a partnership. Collaborating with our clients on site-specific risk assessments ensures everyone understands the hazards present and how we’ll work together to mitigate them. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us forward – regular safety audits, analysing incident reports, and staying open to feedback allow us to address emerging concerns and make our work safer. Our regular training and toolbox talks make our operatives the best trained in the business. At OUTCO, we also acknowledge the potential for mental strain in outdoor work. Supporting our team’s well-being means providing resources and fostering a culture of open dialogue about mental health.

Health and Safety as a Core Value

Safety is a top-down priority at OUTCO. Our leadership team doesn’t just delegate safety; they actively champion it, leading by example. We empower everyone, regardless of their role, to identify risks and suggest solutions. This ownership fosters a sense of responsibility for safety throughout the company. We celebrate successes just as much as we address issues. This emphasises the positive aspects of safety and reinforces its importance. Technology is one of our key allies. We use technology for reporting, tracking, and communication to streamline safety efforts and make sure everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

Investing in health and safety creates a ripple effect of benefits. Our people feel protected, knowing that we prioritise minimising their risk of injury, which in turn leads to higher morale and greater job satisfaction. Our clients see the dividends of a safe workplace through reduced downtime caused by accidents, ensuring their projects stay on time and within budget. Our clients feel safe in winter knowing they’re always protected from slips, trips and falls. Beyond our immediate sphere, our commitment to responsible practices contributes to a healthier, safer environment for the wider community.

Join us in promoting Health and Safety in our industry

Whether you work in an office, a factory, or outdoors like us, take next Monday’s world day for safety and health to consider your role in promoting safety. Small steps matter – whether wearing the right gear, speaking up about a concern, or seeking training. Together, we can make the working world a safer place.

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Invasive species are a formidable challenge, but with the right expertise and strategies, they can be managed effectively. Partnering with OUTCO ensures that your property remains healthy, beautiful, and free from the threat of weeds & invasive species

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At OUTCO, we’re committed to a health and safety culture where every employee returns home safe and healthy

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