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UK snow clearance for business

Snowmaggedon Predicted, Better Book Your Snow Clearance

According to the weather experts, several weather factors across the UK are aligning to make snowfall and snow clearance likely next week, with the potential for some areas to be blanketed in white for a prolonged period.

Some are even calling this a ‘snowmaggedon’, with the majority of England expected to be covered in snow and the area around Birmingham and the northeast especially likely to feel the impact. Our assessment is that business in The Midlands and further north is very likely to feel a significant impact, and our advice is to make sure that you have your snow clearance planning ready, and know what to do and who to contact when the white stuff hits.

January Trends

Snowfall in January is certainly not an unusual event, and there have been several instances in previous years in which unprepared businesses were caught out.

The most recent of these was in 2010, when the severe weather event brought heavy snowfall and blizzards to parts of England, particularly the Midlands and East Anglia. Some areas received up to a foot of snow, causing widespread disruption. Travel chaos ensued, with major roads blocked and airports closed. Powercuts affected thousands of businesses, and emergency services were stretched thin.

Only a few years earlier in 2003, The Pennines and North York Moors saw record snowfall, with some places receiving over two feet of snow. Similar to the 2010 blizzards, travel was severely disrupted, and many businesses lost power. The heavy snowfall also caused damage to buildings and trees.

Despite the predictability of January snowfall, many businesses are still unprepared for what to do, even in this day and age.

Why Are We Expecting Snow Now?

The expected snowfall comes about because of a confluence of several weather events. UK weather system have a mixture of influences and several of these are now coming into play.

Scandinavia and the north have been exceptionally cold recently, due to an Arctic air mass characterised by exceptionally low temperatures, creating conditions conducive to snowfall. As this frigid air comes further south, it acts as a giant freezer. This makes it easier for precipitation to fall as snow rather than rain. The UK has experienced a significant increase in winter rain over the last 50 years due to global warming, but if it is cold enough, the rain falls as snow.

Despite the usual dryness of the air in Winter, the current presence of low-pressure systems moving across the UK is bringing in these bands of precipitation. Low pressure systems are essential for supplying the necessary moisture for snow formation. The varying temperatures across the country will result in different forms of precipitation, with colder areas experiencing predominantly snow and milder regions encountering a mix of rain, sleet, and snow.

The direction of the prevailing northerly winds is pivotal in determining the geographical distribution of snowfall. Currently, the winds are driving the cold air and precipitation southward, and will thus create a snow belt extending down into England and Wales. Regions in the north, such as mountainous areas in Scotland and northern England, are likely to witness even heavier snowfall, while southern areas will experience lighter accumulations.

The current cold ground temperatures, a result of a recent cold snap, determine the longevity of the snow cover. Cold ground provides a stable foundation for snow accumulation, reducing the likelihood of rapid melting. However, the potential for rising temperatures towards the end of the week, especially in southern areas, could initiate the melting process, affecting the duration of the snow cover.

Snow Clearance – Contact Us Now

For over 20 years we have provided market leading Snow Clearance for business and have more combined winter experience in our leadership team than every other winter services organisation in the UK. Our winter expertise is all ISO accredited – 9001, 14001 and 45001. Including our multiple industry awards, we have also written the UK Winter Maintenance industry guidelines and best practice in association with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

We understand that the implications of getting timing or delivery wrong, which can have profound consequences for our customers, operations, and reputations. We use precise MetDesk meso-scale (hyper-localised) forecasting technology to ensure that we service and snow clear your individual sites based on the most accurate data available. We allow no risks – whilst the industry–standard operating practice is to execute based on red trigger levels, we will keep you covered on amber level warnings as well.

Read our blog on how to ace snow clearance this winter.

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