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OUTCO Social Values, leaving a legacy

Social Values

Supporting our client’s Social Values really matters to us, leaving a positive legacy

Social Values

As an experienced and responsible outdoor estate compliance company, supporting our client’s Social Values really matters to us. We understand the importance of driving social value initiatives within our contracts. OUTCO goes further than anyone else to ensure the best outcomes are delivered throughout the period of each project and that we leave a positive legacy post contract for our clients.

Through our Early Contractor Involvement process and careful planning we can minimise waste by adjusting the unit size to suit the site requirements. In establishing satellite depots, we have been able to minimise journey times and vehicle movements and reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. We also support local economies where we utilise accommodation to reduce the requirement for lengthy journeys. In all of our contracts we explore opportunities to utilise local suppliers for plant and material in the delivery of our works.

Supporting Environmental Sustainability

We are trusted partners to the majority of the UK’s major companies operating in the retail, petrochemicals, public services, property and facilities management industries.

Managing thousands of sites across the UK, all our works are delivered with a focus on environmental impact. Whether this be sourcing supply chain services or procuring materials locally to reduce its virgin source and the impact of vehicle movements. We constantly evaluate and monitor all recycling opportunities to reduce waste to landfill and endeavor to take the most environmentally sustainable course of action in all aspects of our delivery.


We understand the value of employing locally and the benefits this has not only for the local economy, but also for us as an employer. Over 85% of our core workforce live locally to where they operate.

OUTCO are always keen to engage with schools and colleges to discuss the opportunities that exist for the diverse range of careers available to young people. We pride ourselves on engaging with the local communities in which we work and always look to create a positive approach to promoting local employment. As an example, OUTCO recently engaged with York College whilst working on a retail site, offering the chance for students to visit site and see first-hand what a construction site looks like. OUTCO appoint STEM ambassadors from across the UK to facilitate this engagement process.

Supporting the local economy

OUTCO have a robust supply chain in place and a flexible approach to procurement, allowing us to engage suppliers based locally to our contracts. This allows us to support the local economy through procurement and local employment.

Supporting communities

OUTCO encourage volunteering, working with an appointed charity list to volunteer our time and assistance to local community groups or schools. Having a positive impact on the local area is important to us and we are always keen to leave a legacy of positive change. As an example, following the floods affecting Lakeside in Doncaster, OUTCO not only made a financial contribution but volunteered the services of our teams to aid with the clean-up.

OUTCO also sponsor a youth football team local to our southern office. Furthermore, OUTCO are proud to be recognised as official partners of Club Doncaster & Doncaster Rovers football clubs.

OUTCO also donate to food banks via the Trussell Trust.

Environmental Sustainability to support communities

All our works will be delivered with a focus on environmental impact. We constantly consider recycling opportunities to reduce waste to landfill, and endeavor to take the most environmentally sustainable course of action in all aspects of our delivery. This not only reduces the requirement for expensive disposal of any contaminated material but reduces the quantity of virgin material extracted from local quarries. These systems can significantly reduce the vehicular movements as well as the Co2 impact on the community. We are continually improving the way we deliver in accordance with retail client environmental strategy and this can be evidenced by the ongoing development of OUTCO’s sustainable asphalts.