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Winter preparation and people walking in the snow

Stay safe this winter. Here are the top three winter preparation tips.

Winter preparation – how prepared are you?

Many businesses are caught out every year by the change in weather. These companies fail to make sufficient (or any) winter gritting and snow clearing provisions – don’t let this be you!

The last thing you want to be doing when the weather gets cold is panic searching on google to find an untrusted/unproven provider, who may or may not be able to help. You simply can’t afford to take this risk.

Our advice couldn’t be simpler: don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter services.

1. Make your winter maintenance plan early

Planning for winter should be well under way months in advance. Yet worryingly, many organisations approach winter in a poor state of readiness: Every year, our winter maintenance team receives multiple desperate calls from businesses finding their arrangements for snow and ice clearing falling short.

There is no time like the present to start preparing your winter maintenance plans and you can learn more about why a robust winter maintenance plan should be embedded into an organisation’s health and safety policy in our recent article.

Don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter services.

2. Inspect your site

Good facilities managers don’t wait for problems to occur on their site before fixing them. They are always one step ahead and resolve potential issues long before they have time to develop into a problem.

It is good practice to inspect your sites regularly for any potential issues that could cause problems during the winter months. Such issues to look out for include:

Attending to these issues well ahead of the winter season should be your top priority – your future self will thank you!

3. Book your winter service early

Working with a reputable winter service provider with a proven track record provides peace of mind to you as a busy manager that your duty of care has been met and that your sites will remain safe and compliant throughout winter.

At OUTCO we prepare for winter all year round and we’ve built a successful reputation that our essential winter services are delivered on time, every time and without fail.

  • Largest and first company in the UK to specialise in winter gritting and snow clearance
  • 99.89% reliability record
  • Market leading weather forecasting technology
  • Nationwide service with 550+ vehicles providing winter services.

Keep your customers safe and book your winter services

Our advice couldn’t be simpler: don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter services.

To find out how we can work together, or to obtain a free winter gritting quote or site inspection, please contact us today.

Do you require a winter gritting or snow clearance quotation?

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