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The benefits of a dedicated workforce

As a national contractor OUTCO are always investigating ways to enhance our service and customer experience, one way we can do this is by offering key clients a dedicated workforce specific to their sites and operations.

By committing a dedicated team to a contract ensures three key benefits to the client

  1. A financial benefit
  2. An enhanced customer experience
  3. Reduced health & safety implications

Financial benefits of a dedicated workforce

By providing a team dedicated and committed to a contract can ensure mobilisation costs are kept to a minimum. The team will understand your site to ensure regular maintenance is conducted in a satisfactory manner, keeping a consistent quality and care across your grounds. Adhoc jobs can also be completed during downtime improving the value of the contractors on site. Not only can the financial benefits be provided by OUTCO but savings in time and effort required by your internal teams to research, vet and procure new suppliers.

An enhanced customer experience

Dedicated teams will know your sites inside out and take full ownership in its upkeep, from every blade of grass, tree and plant as well as resident, the interaction with the team will be much greater having a recognised face on site. In being solely dedicated to working for one client, this drives the teams to deliver service excellence and by not having to working to multiple different specifications for different clients, the teams have a clear understanding of the works required and client expectations that need to be met.

The commitment from clients to employ a dedicated workforce also gives us the confidence to make long term investments (people and financial) towards making sure the contract and relationship is a success. OUTCO have worked with many sites to TUPE current grounds teams to ensure a consistent approach to grounds maintenance.

A dedicated workforce also presents the opportunity for joint branding in the form of vehicles and uniform to promote a collaborative working relationship.

Reduced health and safety implications of a dedicated workforce

Knowing your site, regular visits and completing site inductions and toolbox talks will ensure health and safety implications are massively reduced. Competency, familiarity, understanding and knowledge are four key factors that can have an impact upon health and safety. By appointing a competent contractor, such as OUTCO, removes the risk with health and safety, OUTCO ensures our sites have regulated Risk Assessments and Method Statement (RAMS) as standard to ensure works are completed, not only to a quality and consistent level but in a safe way, something smaller contractors or local adhoc service providers may take for granted.

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