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The science of potholes and our top 3 tips on how to prevent them

No matter how quickly a pothole is repaired, two more pop up in its place! Does this sound like a familiar problem on your property?

It can feel like the number of potholes just keep increasing, no matter how many potholes are repaired. Fortunately, we can shed light on how and why potholes form, which can then be used to anticipate, prevent, and manage them before they become an even bigger headache. The science of pothole repair involves selecting materials and using techniques to ensure lasting repairs.

Why do potholes keep appearing across my estate?

Potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction action when water seeps into the asphalt surface and freezes. This process creates cracking to the surface and over time these cracks deteriorate leaving behind open voids.

The deterioration process is then accelerated when vehicles are driven over the compromised surface (due to their weight), which is why we regularly see potholes appear in high-traffic locations.

Freezing night-time temperatures combined with warmer daytime conditions make this time of year the perfect recipe for potholes to appear.

Top 3 tips to prevent potholes from becoming a problem

When it comes to potholes, our advice is simple: be proactive rather than reactive.

  1. Winter gritting
    Gritting will help prevent the water from freezing in the first place, and will greatly reduce the impact sub-zero temperature will have on your asphalt.
  2. Drainage repairs
    Have your drains regularly inspected for issues, as any water that leaks unnoticed could freeze and expose your asphalt to the dangers of potholes forming.
  3. Regular site inspections
    Regular site inspections and the immediate repair of any defects will keep you one step ahead of potential problems and compensation claims.

Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance, pothole repair and other services…

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