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Repair potholes and keep people safe

Why the freeze-thaw effect is more costly than you think

The return of freezing night-time temperatures and warmer daytime temperatures to the UK creates the ideal conditions for the formation of potholes on our roads and in car parks.

The freeze-thaw effect causes significant damage to road surfaces and pavements, resulting in the formation of potholes. Property managers who fail to take preventive measures to repair potholes and mitigate the freeze-thaw effect risk incurring higher costs in the long term.

Keeping people safe

Potholes not only can cause damage to vehicles, but they also pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and motorists. The cost of repairs to roads and pavements can be substantial if left to deteriorate, and it is often more cost-effective for property managers to take proactive measures to prevent potholes before they occur.

Repair potholes on your site today

Is it widely reported that the cost of repairing roads damaged by the freeze-thaw effect in the UK is estimated to be around £1 billion per year. In addition, the RAC reported that potholes in the UK cause millions of pounds in damages to vehicles each year.

Nearly half of all workplace injuries are slips and trips and the economic impact of these accidents equates to well over £500 million to UK employers.

By investing in regular maintenance and inspections, property managers can reduce the risk of costly pothole-related repairs and ensure that their hard surfaces are well-maintained and safe for everyone.

How does the freeze-thaw effect cause potholes?

When temperatures drop below freezing, water freezes and expands, causing cracks and potholes to form. When the temperature rises, the ice melts and the water seeps into these cracks, which can then freeze again and cause further damage. This repeated cycle of freezing and thawing eventually leads to the deterioration of the road or car park surface.

Repair potholes: services to suit all budgets

We provide numerous solutions to potholes and can assist you with producing site condition reports and recommendations.

When it comes to potholes, our advice is simple: be proactive rather than reactive. Regular site inspections and the immediate repair of any defects will keep you one step ahead of potential problems and compensation claims.

Find out how our expert winter maintenance team can help…

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