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Why Our Teams Have Just Completed An Advanced Winter Weather Forecasting Course

Our teams have just completed an advanced weather forecasting course. This is designed for experienced winter maintenance teams to better understand and be able to interpret our ever-changing weather patterns and complex forecasts, improving their winter gritting forecasting skills.

The course itself covers how road surface temperatures and ice related hazards are formed. How forecasts are produced, the data models and algorithms used and then how to interpret this data for effective scenario planning.

Our clients rely on us to make up to the minute decisions in the winter months, keeping their businesses open and operational 24/7. Our teams are often working late into the night, are not always in a warm comfortable office and may be out in a winter storm or freezing conditions. The training is designed to ensure our teams are fully equipped to make the correct decisions in tough non-ideal situations when trying mother nature and the ever changeable UK weather.

Our weather has become some of the most unpredictable on the planet and as our climate continues to constantly change, we need to prepare ourselves for predictable unpredictability.

Global Warming Could Mean More Snow

Global warming is most certainly having an impact and scientist are all agreed our weather will become more extreme and difficult to predict. A new study, carried out by an international team of scientists found that warming in the Arctic may be intensifying the effects of the jet stream’s position, which in the winter can cause extreme cold weather and increased levels of moisture.

The Jet Stream is a narrow band of strong winds that flows high above the Earth’s surface. It usually flows from west to east, but it can sometimes dip southwards or northwards allowing colder Arctic air to flow into the country. How the Jet Stream impacts winter forecasts

Anticipating what the weather will be isn’t a case of watching the television forecast – it is far more sophisticated. As the winter gritting specialists, OUTCO employs smart technology to monitor and track weather patterns in real-time, analysing large amounts of accurate weather data at our fingertips which ensures ensure high-level temperature accuracy. Armed with this data we can identify trends that allow us to better inform and guide our clients as to when and which winter services are best for them.

Despite the past few summers being some of the hottest on the record, the UK also gets on average 23.7 days of snowfall or sleet a year, and because of climate change we can expect more precipitation and therefore snow and sleet. How heatwaves are impacting winter weather

Short Range Forecasting For Winter Gritting

Combatting less predictable weather means we are increasingly relying on short-range forecasts and the ability to act quickly and ensure any winter preparation and prevention; snow clearance and winter gritting is carried out in a tight window to minimise any impact to UK Business.

For the past few years our short-range forecasts have been running at +98% accuracy, meaning we can’t totally defeat the weather, but can effectively mitigate some of the impact that would otherwise be experienced.

OUTCO (formerly GRITIT) are the UK’s leading winter gritting provider, please speak to one of our team if you would like to find out how we can help you mitigate the impact of severe cold weather.

Or if you are interested in some of the best meteorological courses available in the UK, please visit Metdesk the UK leader in accurate and innovative weather services for highways and transport managers.

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