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Winter gritting car park

Winter gritting and your health and safety responsibilities

As the winter gritting and snow clearing experts, OUTCO is here to support you and make sure your sites remain safe, compliant and operational throughout the winter.

If you run a business or are responsible for employees, customers or visitors to a place of work, then you personally have a duty of care to keep sites safe.

OUTCO’s winter risk assessment evaluates specific hazards and potential dangers on your site is an additional tool for your health and safety toolbox, and demonstrates your compliance under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Our winter gritting site survey and compliance assessment process both use industry best-practice risk assessments to identify potential health and safety hazards, assessing risk likelihood and the associated severity.

Winter gritting indemnity

Our aim is to minimise risk, maintain your reputation and reduce all the hidden costs of managing this process yourself.

• We undertake your winter risk assessment
• We offer full liability protection based on your risk assessment
• We take responsibility for your legal duty of care
• Claims made against any of our clients for any alleged failure in service will be managed by our insurers.

When working with OUTCO, you can be sure that we are a safety-first business partner.

We instil health and safety ownership at every level of the company from both the top down to the bottom up, and achieve a 97% Achilles audit result.

Reasons to use OUTCO for your winter gritting

OUTCO has built a successful reputation and we ensure that essential winter gritting and snow clearing services are delivered on time, every time and without fail.

  • Reliable and proven winter gritting and snow clearance track record
  • 99.99% reliability levels
  • Nationwide service with 150+ strategically located UK wide depots
  • 250,000+ jobs managed per year
  • 99.9% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 customer helpdesk
  • 500+ vehicles on the road.

Keep your customers safe and book your winter services

Our advice couldn’t be simpler: don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter services.

To find out how we can work together, or to obtain a free winter gritting quote or site inspection, please contact us today.

Do you require a winter gritting or snow clearance quotation?

Contact OUTCO today by phone 0800 0432 911

Or complete our winter gritting quotation form by clicking the link below

Winter Gritting Quotation

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