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Are You A Busy FM? OUTCO Has The Answer

Outsourcing facilities management (FM) is a sensible choice for facility managers who may not have the skills or apparatus inhouse and still need to get the job done. Using a company which bundles multiple services can bring even bigger benefits. So let’s take a look at what this could mean for your business.

Why bundling is the way forward

Grounds maintenance, winter gritting, pothole repair and tarmac resurfacing — these are all FM services that you can look at and think: “OK, that looks like it needs a specialist with the right apparatus, let’s leave this to someone who knows what they’re doing”.

This sort of approach is nothing unusual in the facilities management world and the benefits are perfectly obvious — it gives you access to specialist skills and apparatus that your business does not have, while it also means you can delegate the management workload to a company that understands what it takes to get the job over the line.

Bottom line, they’re better at this than you are, so it frees you up to get on with what you do best yourself.

Grounds maintenance, winter gritting, pothole repair and tarmac resurfacing — these are all FM services that you can look at and think: “OK, that looks like it needs a specialist with the right apparatus, let’s leave this to someone who knows what they’re doing”

How else your could benefit from OUTCO’s bundled services

In fact, there are other key business benefits that you could gain from using the only outdoor FM company with a bundled services approach. So let’s take a look at what they are:

Cut your costs

By procuring multiple services from a single provider, it tends to lower the individual cost of each service. These savings come from the efficient use of personnel and technology. For example, we train our operatives in multiple disciplines, creating synergy between services, and a multi-skilled workforce that has familiarity with your site. For example, this could mean that our grounds operatives can also come and grit your site in Winter, effectively performing two roles at once, saving you money.

Streamline your processes

A single provider of multiple bundled services means one IT system, one set of invoices and one technology to deal with rather than multiple invoicing systems and formats, multiple project managers and multiple portals and helpdesks. By using bundled services from the one provider, it gives you inbuilt communication between the services, and means that situations flagged up by one service will be dealt with faster and better than going to yet another provider. Beyond that, your working life is vastly simpler by having a single point of contact, “one throat to choke” as such.

Improve your service

With bundled FM services, you’ll also benefit from more flexibility and responsiveness. Why would you want to wait two weeks to find a new contractor to fix a pothole for you when you can have the same team that already knows your site just call up a colleague to come and fix it for you within hours? OUTCO operatives are all trained to be your compliance eyes and ears on the ground, giving you a health and safety headsup about those things that really need fixing sooner rather than later.

Higher service standards

Running a busy business, the very last thing you need is an FM contractor which is not pulling its weight or guaranteeing its services to the correct standards. That’s why the consistency of service levels that you get by bundling services from a single provider with the same high standards is so important. It means you can get on with work, content in the knowledge that all your services are being performed to highest standard, with validation to prove that the job is being done right.

Your compliance, guaranteed

With compliance at the heart of our offering, you’ll be assured that you’ll obtain your service level agreements with assured delivery. OUTCO bundling gives you data-driven assurance that issues are being resolved, with the evidence repository to demonstrate compliance. With a national network, delivering end-to-end outdoor services and operating 24/7 our clients have the peace of mind that their outdoor estates are safe, compliant and accessible all year round.

Want to make your life easier?

Talk to us. Whatever your outdoor estate requirements are our friendly, experienced team are always on hand to help. With national coverage our team of outside experts can assist with any outdoor estate enquiry you have anywhere in the UK.

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