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Drainage, winter, water and ice

A blocked drain, poor drainage or ponding can cause significant problems to sites, standing water can mean a costly and time-consuming repair potentially leading to business disruption. As we approach the winter period the increased risks of standing water and freezing temperatures to sites result in ice and the risk of slips, trips or falls.

We have all seen a build-up of leaves around a drainage gulley, whether that be in a car park or public road and the result of heavy rainfall leading to ponding, puddles and splashes.

Asset Maintenance can assist sites with maintenance, this is the routine cleansing and CCTV survey of your drain system completed on a regular basis. Our PPM plans can ensure any potential issues are identified and resolved before becoming a costly problem.

Drain issues are less evident prior to significant rainfall or during the winter months. OUTCO specialist drainage services can ensure your sites are free from standing water and drain problems, helping you clear, clean, and maintain your drains, thus offering peace of mind that your outdoor estates are safe, compliant, and accessible all year round.


At this time of year drains are often blocked by debris, fallen leaves and dirt block drainage channels and gulleys preventing the flow of water, a thorough drainage PPM plan will ensure these potential blockages are removed and excess rainwater can flow to the underground drainage system. Cleansing of the underground drainage system is just as important, debris may have built within the pipes which can cause ponding on the surface, ensuring water can freely flow below ground will allow the above-ground assets, such as gullies and channels to operate correctly.

This year October saw 157.9mm of rainfall compared to the average October month of 62.3mm *southernwater.co.uk

We often find drains issues escalate as the rain arrives, previous damage to pipes may not be evident due to the summer months and little rainfall, as the UK weather deteriorates these issues are identified and risks to site heighten. A CCTV drainage survey will identify any issues below ground and the benefits of no-dig technology can ensure issues are resolved without the need for expensive excavation and site disruption.

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