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Wildflower meadow

The UK has lost 97% of our wildflower meadows. We highlight why this is important

As “green space professionals”, OUTCO operatives have a duty to protect biodiversity and be proactive to safeguard wildlife and our wildflower meadows.

The statistics speak for themselves, since the second world war, we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows in the UK. Over 200,000 miles of hedgerows have been destroyed and half of our ancient woodland and heathland has disappeared. The resulting effect on wildlife has been catastrophic, with 41% of all species seeing a decline since 1970 and a complete loss of 150 species in the last one hundred years.

Wildflower meadows

When wildflower meadows vanish so do pollinators, as well as other insects and animals such as hedgehogs, birds and bats.

The more diversity we have in our natural habitats, then the more bees, birds, animals and other insects there will be.

At OUTCO, we believe there is a strong case for amending grounds maintenance regimes to prevent the decline of pollinators and make space for nature. We want to highlight the small differences which can be made to increase habitats in the UK.

  • Encourage native wildflower planting/sowings
  • Set aside an area on your site for wildflower planting
  • Trees and hedgerows are vital wildlife corridors and habitats
  • View “weeds” such as ragwort, clover and thistles as vital to pollinators
  • Adopt a thoughtful land management approach and lose the fixation on overly manicured lawns and clean and tidy beds and borders.

Biodiversity and the future

More thoughtful land management can increase insect and invertebrate population to support an enriched food chain for amphibians, reptiles, rodents, birds and mammals.

Well-managed sites with areas of long grass and wildflowers can look beautiful and provide a link to nature, which gives the added benefit of supporting our mental health.

By working together to return wildflowers and endangered species to the UK landscape.

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