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OUTCO sign 3year framework with The Co-op

OUTCO are delighted to sign a 3 year framework deal with The Co-op. OUTCO commence the beginning of a new 3 year planned and reactive framework with Co-op for the maintenance of their outside space assets. Bundled service provider OUTCO deliver national projects with surfacing, winter, grounds, drainage and EV capabilities.

OUTCO have been carrying out repair and maintenance works on Co-op sites for over 5 years and have extensive knowledge in the key deliverables for the client and their stakeholders.

We would like to thank our dedicated management team for their efforts and hard work in completing this successful tender. The rigorous process ensured Co-op appointed the right contractor this included interviews, pricing exercises, Health & Safety Audits and our overall retail experience which included a site visit by the Co-op management team to another large supermarket car park project in Brighouse.

Our complete service keeps our customers one step ahead of regulatory and operational compliance, ensuring their outdoor estate looks good and runs like clockwork come rain, shine or snow, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Year after year.

Benefits of working with OUTCO

  • Confidence that outdoor estates will be safe, compliant and fully operational all year round (critical for undisrupted revenue for clients) 
  • Incremental revenue for clients driven by OUTCO’s innovation 
  • Supply chain simplification and cost efficiency through delivery of an end-to-end service 
  • Cost and administration efficiencies through supply chain simplification, service bundling and technology integration  
  • Data-driven assurance that issues are being resolved, with the evidence repository to demonstrate compliance
  • Support facilities and property managers in delivering on their service level agreements with assured delivery  
  • Support facilities managers’ strategies to deliver ESG benefits to their clients 
  • Confidence that retailers, employers and government are delivering on ESG pledges across their entire real estate footprint 
  • Experience enhancements from innovation such as EV charging and COVID-secure outdoor space use  
  • Creating an outdoor space that supports the client brand 
  • A pleasant experience of the outdoor estates of shopping, work and leisure destinations. 

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