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outdoor maintenance - tree services after a storm

Outdoor Maintenance Jobs For Now That’ll Make This Spring A Breeze

Outdoor maintenance activities will inevitably come to the fore of many facility managers this month, especially after the recent high winds and heavy rain experienced across the UK. The biggest point of vulnerability and risk in our windy wet weather is of course trees. It is important for FMs to be aware of the increased risks associated with our current weather conditions and to take appropriate steps to mitigate them now.

Outdoor Maintenance and Tree Care After a Storm

Following a storm, it is crucial to assess any damage to trees on your outdoor estate. This can be something as simple as visual inspection – look for signs of damage, such as broken branches, cracks in the trunk, or leaning trees. If you have any lingering doubts, call in professional assessment. Book one of our qualified arborists to conduct a thorough inspection, especially for larger trees or those showing significant damage.

Professional Tree Surveys

Regular tree surveys conducted by qualified arborists are crucial for identifying potential weaknesses and hazards within a tree population. These surveys involve a visual inspection of the tree’s crown, trunk, and root system, followed by an assessment of its overall health and stability, taking into account all other factors that are not immediately obvious and require an experienced eye such as soil, species, disease. We do recommend that properties with trees on their outdoor estate should conduct one of these every 3-5 years, as it gives a long enough time period to design a sensibly stretched out tree maintenance regime that won’t excessively impact your costs during any one quarter. Proactive tree surveys can help facility managers in several ways:

Tree surveys identify your vulnerable trees. Early detection of weak or diseased trees allows for timely remedial action, such as pruning, bracing, or removal, before they pose a threat during storms. For a busy FM, tree surveys also minimise risk and makes sure that you meet your legal requirements. By addressing potential hazards beforehand, facility managers can significantly reduce the risk of storm-related damage to property and injuries to people, and in some cases, legal obligations may exist for property owners to maintain the safety of trees on their land. Regular tree surveys can help ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Storm Mitigation

While tree surveys are essential for preventative measures, our tree pruning services also play a vital role in mitigating storm damage. Proper pruning techniques can reduce weight and wind resistance: – by removing dead, diseased, or poorly formed branches, we reduce the overall weight and wind resistance of the tree, making them less susceptible to failure in strong winds. Pruning regularly by professionals will also stimulate new growth, thus improving branch attachment, enhancing the overall health and structure of your tree, increasing their ability to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Beyond Trees: Other Post-Storm Outdoor Maintenance

Heavy rain and strong winds will also impact other aspects of your outdoor space. and in particular, the services that we are seeing the most demand for is drain maintenance and moss clearance.

The problem with heavy rain and the winter period is that blocked drains due to debris accumulation causes flooding and further damage to property. It is important to regularly clear drains and ensure they are functioning properly, especially after heavy rain. Did you know, for example, that many of the potholes that you see in car parks and on minor roads are caused by the fact that the water doesn’t drain away properly, which means that the freeze-thaw effect has an opportunity to do its damage on tarmac? Damp conditions also promotes moss growth on footpaths and damp, dark, moisture-prone outdoor areas such as walls, roofs etc. For footpaths this creates slippery surfaces, increasing the Health and Safety risks of slips and falls. Professional moss removal addresses this issue for you and your clients.

Outdoor Maintenance

The recent storms serve as a reminder of the importance of proper maintenance for outdoor areas. By taking proactive steps such as tree surveys, pruning, and addressing drainage and moss issues, facility managers can ensure the safety and well-being of their property and people. OUTCO’s outdoor maintenance services ensure that you remain fully compliant, safe and operational 365 days a year come rain or shine.

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