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Potholes – a critical time to repair before the freezing winter season

Potholes, the bump in the road we all hate and do our best to avoid, but with over 13,000 new potholes reported each year the problem will not disappear.

Why Potholes Happen

They occur when water seeps into cracks and voids in asphalt, with freezing temperatures the water expands, when the water evaporates the void is increased, as the surface is trafficked the voids break and increase in size forming potholes.

As the UK braces for heavy rain and snowfall in the winter season it is critical they are repaired correctly now, ensuring voids, cracking and minor potholes are repaired before the problem escalates, not only does the harsh UK winter bring problems for asphalt but snowfall can hide these trip hazards or the collection of water that freezes can make these potholes and uneven surfaces small ice rinks.

Signs of Potholes

Spot the signs of crocodile cracking and minor potholes and report these as soon as possible.

Crocodile cracking
Interconnecting or interlaced cracking in the asphalt layer resembling the scales of a crocodile.

Loose aggregate
Where the stone within the surface separates from the bitumen resulting in loose aggregate.

Fillthehole.org claim slips, trips and falls claims increase by 27% through the winter period.

Reasons to use OUTCO for your pothole repairs

OUTCO bring supply chain simplicity for outdoor estate maintenance through our nationwide footprint. Having the skills, knowledge and capability to deliver a completely scalable and flexible service from pothole and minor crocodile cracking repair, to drainage maintenance ensuring your car parks remain ponding free to grounds and winter maintenance including winter gritting and snow clearance.


Do you have surfacing or pothole problems on your site and require a site visit?

Contact OUTCO today by phone 0800 230 0215

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