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Salt spreading

Salt Spreading Service

We are an award-winning specialist provider of Salt Spreading Service, we work with some of the UK’s leading companies and offer unrivalled solutions and value to a diverse client base.

We work alongside clients as a trusted partner for consistent delivery of critical winter services and salt spreading to keep people safe and sites operational and compliant.

OUTCO utilises the latest precise weather forecasting technology to ensure that we service individual sites based on the most accurate data available. While the industrystandard operating practice is to grit based on red trigger levels, OUTCO will keep you covered on amber level warnings as well. 

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Ground temperature activation

OUTCO uses real-time weather forecasting tools to ensure outstanding accuracy. With each customer and for every site we agree a road surface trigger temperature appropriate to the location and conditions on the ground and grit when this temperature is forecast.

Safe Salt Settings

Whatever the weather, we will make sure that we set our gritters to spread salt in the right quantities.

OUTCO uses Safe Salt Settings

Weather forecasting

Our services are powered by data. This provides us with outstanding forecasting accuracy of temperature and site conditions and offers the most detailed UK weather areas. 

Costs to meet your budget

We understand that every site and company is different, which is why our service is bespoke and based to you.

Transparent winter salt spreading service

Real-time reports and updates.  No matter where you are, you can have immediate visibility, peace of mind and see the level of data we are recording to demonstrate your duty of care is being met. 

National winter service at a local level

We provide local, experienced teams of winter operatives who are trained to work on your site. When the temperature starts to fall, we will perform a dry run in preparation for full winter mobilisation.