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Logistics site free of ice at night during winter

Winter Service Extensions

With winter being the most unpredictable season, we may need to finesse our service start and end dates to ensure we maintain your sites to the highest of standards.

Winter Service Extensions

Using the latest weather forecasting technologyOUTCO constantly monitors the weather all year round to ensure we are always prepared and one step ahead of mother natureThis places us in an unparalleled position of being able to predict and mobilise resources ahead of time and react to any unexpected weather changes. 

Winter season

OUTCO’s winter season typically lasts for five months, from the beginning of November through to the end of March. However, with winter being the most unpredictable season, we may need to finesse our service start and end dates to ensure we maintain your sites to the highest of standards. 

We are a client-first organisation and are here to keep outdoor estates safe, compliant and operational. If the need arises for the winter season to commence early or be extended, we will contact our clients and advise them ahead of time, and outline what options are available. We are happy to liaise with clients and factor in contingency planning to accommodate individual needs. This flexibility is often required for sites that are located at altitude or further up north, where sub-zero Road Surface Temperatures (RST’s) temperatures frequently occur outside of our winter season dates.   

We keep clients compliant

During the winter months when slips, trips and falls are more prevalent due to the icy conditions, OUTCO clients benefit from a more joined up and proactive approach to risk management and compliance that is powered by our innovative use of leading-edge technology. This ensures greater transparency of both opportunities and risks across sites, more accountability and better service.  

Our bespoke technology provides real time data and visibility on gritting and winter services that have been delivered, offering a clear audit trail of activity over time. We deliver this real time and compliance data directly into our client’s systems through in-house APIs. 

As well as making services easier to manage, our compliance monitoring and reporting enables clients to effectively manage risk and remain compliant at all times. 

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