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Facility maintenance of car parks and grounds

Your three easy facility maintenance wins to get your site ready for spring

A well-maintained and tidy site is a reflection of you, your company, and your brand. Ongoing facility maintenance is a key component to ensure your organisation continues to operate efficiently and without risk.

We hear it all too often that visitors are put off by sites that are plagued by potholes, grounds that are unsightly and covered in weeds, and car parks that are flooded from blocked or poorly maintained drains. It is therefore vital to address these areas so that your sites are safe, compliant and welcoming to visitors.

OUTCO are here to support you and can keep your sites compliant and looking good all year round. Here are our top three easy maintenance wins you can make to ensure your site is ready for the season ahead.

1. Pothole repairs

We offer a comprehensive range of pothole repair services. From a single pothole, through to multiple potholes across your site, our solutions minimise these safety risks.

  • Pothole and minor surface repairs
  • Patch repair (covering a larger area)
  • Full surfacing asphalt works
  • Specialist coatings: waterproofing, aesthetic asphalt and street art services.

Many clients look for a more environmentally friendly way to repair potholes. Our Environmental Road Polymer Technology (ERPT) is the latest innovation in car park and pothole repair, which uses patented Recycled Rubber Polymer Technology to repair potholes. The result is that this process produces up to 95% less CO2 emissions.

Well-maintained grounds, car parks and outside spaces provide excellent first impressions.

2. Grounds and outdoor facility maintenance

With the spring growing season now here, it won’t be long before your hedges, trees and lawns will need regular maintenance. OUTCO offers a wide range of grounds and landscaping services to suit sites of all sizes.

• Grass, hard and soft landscaping
• Tree surgery, pruning & planting
• Mulching, bedding & hedging
• Weed, leaf and litter clearing

3. Drainage maintenance

Maintaining your drains is vital and any ponding around drains or puddles within a car park is off putting to customers.

It only takes one downpour to cause widespread disruption and highlight the failings of poorly maintained drains.

OUTCO can ensure your sites are free from standing water and drainage problems, helping you clear, clean and maintain your drainage system.

  • Drainpipe cleaning and high pressure jetting
  • Drain survey
  • No-dig drain repair

To find out how we can work together, or to obtain a free quote or site inspection, please contact us today.

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