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Experience The Difference OUTCO's Tarmac Repair Service Can Make

Experience The Difference OUTCO’s Tarmac Repair Service Can Make

When it comes to the hardstanding surfaces that underpin your business car parks, compromise is not an option. Damaged or worn tarmac, in the car park, on the road or on a footpath can create safety hazards, hinder efficiency, and project a negative image of your company. This is where OUTCO’s versatile tarmac repair teams come into play.

Experienced Tarmac Repair Teams

OUTCO’s 99.99% customer satisfaction rate extends to our hardstanding services. We understand that the tarmac surfaces around your facility warrant efficient maintenance, which is why our tarmac repair service is designed to deliver:

Speed: Fast tarmac repair using our EPRT tarmac technology, which doesn’t require car park closure for the whole day
Eco Credentials: We use a fast-setting mastic made from recycled tyres, the greenest possible tarmac repair service
Quality: Our operatives ensure long-lasting repairs that enhance the appearance and functionality of your tarmac.
Efficiency: We know downtime is costly. OUTCO’s efficient processes minimise disruption to your operations.
Reliability: We pride ourselves on our 99.99% service delivery record.
outco tarmac repair before and after

Tarmac Repair Before & After

See the difference OUTCO’s expert tarmac repair can make! These recently taken photos showcase the before-and-after advantage of having professional tarmac repair teams on call through our asset maintenance division. Poor quality, tired tarmac work is replaced with a clean, new, tidy tarmac creating a less scruffy and safer environment for your business. Partner with OUTCO and let us deal with the hassle of maintaining your outdoor spaces.

OUTCO Tarmac Repair Services

Bollard Installation

Successful bollard installation requires a skilled operative with extensive product knowledge and deep ground works and surface reinstatement experience, so don’t look to cut corners, get it right first time with our accredited teams. Our reactive repairs team can repair, replace or install a wide range of bollards on your site. Whether for safety, protection or simply architectural, OUTCO has the expertise and solution to help. Our fully equipped and insured installation teams have over 12 years experience in all aspects of bollard and barrier installation, so you won’t have to worry about whether your product has been installed correctly and you won’t have any of the headache involved in trying to find someone.

Line Marking

In addition to tarmac repair, effective line marking is also an important requirement to safely guide and instruct traffic and pedestrians flows around your facility. OUTCO provides fast nationwide car park and facility line marking services. We offer a wide range of services, including car park line marking, facility line marking, road marking, health and safety markings, pedestrian footpath markings, social distancing markings, link and access road marking, and anti-skid and anti-slip coatings/surfaces. These services can help to improve safety, efficiency, and compliance in a variety of settings across your facility.

Paving & Walkways

From minor repairs to complete reinstatements, the OUTCO team are on hand to address all your paving and walkway needs. For higher risk hazards or health and safety concerns, we can provide an emergency fix to keep your site safe and open. From block paving to concrete slabbing OUTCO has the expertise to maintain or repair any paving and walkway surface. For a facility manager tasked with health and safety compliance, cracked pavements need to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure public safety and to mitigate liability. Even a minor crack in the pavement can be the cause of a health and safety hazard which may have severe financial implications for both organisations and individuals – as clarified by recent statements from The Health and Safety Executive, which indicate personal liability for professional Health and Safety failings.

Potholes & Surface Repairs

With a range of car park pothole and surface repair solutions available, OUTCO can help you extend the life of your surface asset and keep it safe and hazard free. Our uniquely nimble teams and innovative repairs solutions can have you site open and operating again in no time. OUTCO provide cost-effective and efficient repairs to all surface types and can advise on the best solution to meet your needs. We also offer proprietary technology repairs using recycled tyres to bolster your sustainability credentials.

Contact OUTCO today for a free consultation and take the first step towards enhancing your business’s hardstanding with our tarmac repair service.

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