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With some of the most experienced leadership in the industry, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients providing a reliable, quality service


OUTCO Executive Team

With some of the most experienced leadership in the industry, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients providing a reliable, quality service.

Together, OUTCO’s leadership team has a combined experience of over 150 years in the winter maintenance, grounds maintenance, and asset maintenance industries. Their expertise and experience make them uniquely qualified to lead OUTCO into the future.

OUTCO’s exceptional leadership team is one of the company’s greatest assets. Their expertise, experience, and collaborative approach are key to OUTCO’s success and its ability to provide its customers with the highest quality services.

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Jason Petsch OUTCO_CEO_1

Jason Petsch

Chief Executive Officer

Jason founded the company in 2004 as a specialist winter services company, (GRITIT), winning many awards including Service Provider of the Year in the British Institute of Facilities Management Awards and several rankings in the Sunday Times Fast Track List. Following the group’s rebrand to OUTCO in 2021, Jason continues to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Jason Petsch started out as a Lieutenant in the South African Parachute Regiment before joining the family wholesale agriculture supplies business. He moved to UK in 1999, working for several companies in marketing and publishing.


Richard Smeaton

Chief Financial Officer

Richard joined OUTCO in January 2023.  Richard is a Chartered Accountant and brings a wealth of experience to OUTCO as the Group enters its next phase of controlled growth.

After qualifying in practice in 1999 Richard spent 10 years in Senior Financial roles in Portakabin Group covering the sales, hire and manufacturing operations of this market leading business.  He then spent 5 years in a private equity backed oil and gas engineering business helping lead the business through a significant group restructure, debt raise and period of international growth which culminated in a successful sale transaction.  Richard then joined Swift, the UKs largest leisure vehicle manufacturer, and led a secondary MBO in 2018 prior to an exit transaction in 2020.  In the last 2 years Richard has led the successful turnaround, refinance and restructure of a private equity backed office furniture manufacturing and re-selling business prior to joining OUTCO.

Adrian Musteata

Adrian Musteata

Winter & Grounds Services Finance Director

Adrian is an ACCA chartered accountant who joined OUTCO in August 2019 having spent the previous two years in an FP&A role at Sanofi. He started his career in bank due diligence working for BFConsulting, then moved to the UK to work in Capita’s Civil Service Learning division, designing and improving MI reports. He returned to financial services with roles at Aon and Close Brothers looking after Data & MI and ensuring the smooth running of the finance systems.

Adrian is overseeing the commercial side of Finance at OUTCO, focusing on profitability analysis, growth metrics and reporting improvements.

Brendan Aherne

Brendan Aherne

Winter & Grounds Services Managing Director

Brendan started his winter facilities management journey in 2008, where he developed a passion for making sites safe and delivering the high-quality professional service that clients rightly expect, even in the most challenging conditions.

He became regional manager of Scotland in 2009 and oversaw significant growth, whilst successfully managing the operational teams through the worst winter in nearly 100 years. Promoted to regional director in 2014, he continued the region’s expansion, managing an acquisition and building a nascent grounds maintenance business.  In March 2021 Brendan was appointed managing director of winter services for the group, and together with his team, they are the most experienced winter compliance management team in the UK.

Bretton Deere

National Operations Director - Winter Maintenance

Bretton joined the company in 2007 as the first winter operator in the north east of England, from 2008 to 2010 he managed a team of winter operators as well as being an operator himself. With the exponential growth the company experienced he had to quickly move into a full time managing role and started managing Northern England. He and his team have been through the most challenging of UK winters and have continued to deliver to a high standard while managing a fast growing portfolio of client sites.

They have experience in managing large rail contracts, public health facilities, retail parks and some of the biggest refineries in the UK. With the recent restructuring Bretton will now be directing winter operations nationally. With the vast experience Bretton and his team have of managing winter operations they are perfectly positioned to continue delivering a premium service to the UK market.

David Crutchley

National Operations Director - Grounds Maintenance

David joined the company in 2011, advancing to National Operations Director – Grounds Maintenance in September 2023. During this period, the business has shown exponential growth. David in conjunction with the senior executive team have created an operational management team capable of managing a corporate client base with a diverse portfolio, including Public Health, Retail parks, and distribution etc.

Most of the operational delivery team have been within the business from the outset resulting in excellent customer relationships and service. With the vast experience David and his team have in delivering GM services we are perfectly positioned to accommodate growth and continue delivering a premium service to the UK market.

Brendon Petsch

Chief Technology Officer

Brendon has been with OUTCO for 13 years and is the driving force behind the smart technology enabled platform that underpins the business.

Brendon has comprehensive and enterprise-wide experience across multiple technology platforms, overseeing the development and delivery of the technology roadmap and key IT operations.

Brendon’s experience prior to OUTCO was in the manufacturing sector, where he spent 13 years in the technical print and packaging industry implementing operational strategies to deliver efficiencies and growth.


Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel

Product Director

Johan brings a lifetime of experience in digital technology, automation, analytics, and marketing gained in a wide variety of sectors to the table at OUTCO, together with a wide variety of certifications and accomplishments.

Johan was promoted to Group Product Director at OUTCO, and has a brief to create great products that meet the needs of the facility customer base.

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