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Facilities & Property

We are partners with national and local facilities and property management organisations across the UK


OUTCO’s Outdoor maintenance and compliance is a service designed for facility and property managers in the UK. We place a strong focus on risk management, safety, and regulatory compliance:

Risk Management

  • Accident Prevention: Facility and property managers are responsible for maintaining outdoor areas such as parking lots, walkways, and green spaces. Proper maintenance helps prevent accidents like slips and falls due to uneven surfaces, debris, or poor lighting.
  • Asset Protection: Well-maintained outdoor assets, such as HVAC units and roofing, are less likely to fail unexpectedly. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of costly emergency repairs or replacements.


  • Occupant Safety: Ensuring the safety of building occupants and visitors is a top priority. Compliance with safety regulations and standards, such as fire safety codes and accessibility requirements, is essential to minimise hazards and protect people’s well-being.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Properly maintained outdoor areas are vital during emergencies. Emergency exit routes, fire suppression systems, and outdoor signage must be in optimal condition for effective emergency response.


  • Legal Obligations: Facility and property managers must adhere to a myriad of regulations and codes, including health and safety, environmental, and accessibility standards. Compliance not only ensures adherence to the law but also mitigates legal and financial risks.
  • Environmental Regulations: Compliance with environmental regulations, such as water management and waste disposal, is critical to avoid penalties and maintain responsible stewardship of resources.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring outdoor spaces are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, is both a legal requirement and a moral obligation. Compliance with accessibility standards promotes inclusivity.

Liability Mitigation

  • Reducing Liability: Neglecting outdoor maintenance or failing to comply with safety and accessibility standards can lead to costly legal claims and reputational damage. Proper maintenance and compliance help mitigate these liability risks.

Tenant and Client Satisfaction

  • Tenant Retention: Well-maintained outdoor areas enhance tenant satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of lease renewals and positive referrals. Commercial properties with attractive outdoor spaces are more appealing to businesses and tenants.
  • Client Trust: Property management companies often have clients who expect their properties to be well-maintained and compliant with regulations. Meeting these expectations builds trust and strengthens client relationships.

Operational Efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency: Sustainable outdoor maintenance practices, such as efficient landscaping and lighting systems, reduce energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular outdoor maintenance prevents equipment breakdowns and prolongs the lifespan of assets, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Asset Preservation

  • Property Value: Proper outdoor maintenance contributes to the preservation of property value. Well-maintained buildings and outdoor areas are more attractive to potential buyers or tenants, ensuring a higher return on investment.

Community Impact

  • Aesthetics: Facility and property managers play a role in shaping the aesthetics of communities. Attractive outdoor spaces enhance the local environment and contribute to community well-being.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Implementing sustainable outdoor maintenance practices aligns with community expectations for environmentally responsible property management.

OUTCO partners with national and local facilities and property management organisations across the UK, including ISS, Apleona, Savills and CBRE, with a well-earned reputation for managing your outdoor maintenance at multiple sites, nationwide.
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Facilities Management

OUTCO is trusted partners to the majority of the major companies operating in the UK’s facilities management sector. We manage thousands of sites, providing peace of mind that outdoor estates are safe, compliant and accessible all year round. We work closely with national and local facilities management organisations across the UK.  OUTCO has a well-earned reputation for managing maintenance at multiple sites, nationwide.

Working with leading facilities management agents, OUTCO manages the maintenance of sites from busy retail parks and shopping centres to business parks, leisure centres and industrial warehouses.

Property Management

Working closely with national property management brands across the UK including Savills, CBRE, British Land and JLL, OUTCO offers a flexible array of services, available 24/7, from winter services through to asset maintenance and grounds maintenance.

For leading Property Management agents, we manage the maintenance of sites from busy retail parks and shopping centres to business parks, leisure centres and industrial warehouses.


We work managing over 7,500 sites across the UK, including some of the biggest names in the leisure and fitness industry, country houses, retail parks and theme parks. We therefore understand the importance of keeping outdoor estates safe and compliant all year round, while keeping sites operating with minimal disruption due to maintenance. All this means peace of mind for you.


Working with retail businesses such as Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, ASDA and McArthurGlen, no other asset maintenance specialist offers as much retail expertise as OUTCO. OUTCO offers a comprehensive array of asset maintenance services that are available 24/7, from surfacing works such as minor patching and pot hole repairs, through to fencing, drain maintenance and jet spraying. Beyond asset maintenance, we offer the UK’s first end-to-end estate compliance solution powered by smart technology. This includes a full range of grounds maintenance and winter services, provided to our clients nationwide.

Winter Gritting Contractor

OUTCO provides a complete range of winter maintenance as part of our outdoor maintenance services to keep outdoor estates free of snow and ice, ensuring sites remain safe, compliant and operational even through the harshest of winters. From gritting to snow clearance, our winter services come with a full audit trail and automatic indemnity for protection against claims

outco grounds maintenance

Our grounds maintenance services keep the grounds of your estates well-managed, tidy and appealing. With our PPM or one-off grounds maintenance services, our outdoor maintenance teams ensure that you have well-managed grounds and communal areas, important for enhancing your consumer and employee experience

asset maintenance

Asset maintenance and replacement services for estate infrastructure, keeping your assets fully maintained, operational, and up to specification, 365 days a year come rain or shine. Our reactive outdoor maintenance services ensure that your compliance and health and safety obligations are always kept up to standard.


Outdoor maintenance drain, rain and snow maintenance OUTCO

From clearing gutters to repairing potholes and unblocking drains, outdoor maintenance tasks are becoming more vital than ever in ensuring smooth business operations despite the challenges posed by increasing rain during autumn and winter

Cleared leaves less flooding OUTCO

As the leaves begin to fall, businesses of every size are faced with the annual challenge of leaf accumulation on their premises. Those red, brown and yellow tones of Autumn may look stunning and evoke dreamy thoughts of stirring family walks and mulled wine, but for business, falling leaves clog drains, leading to water damage and flooding, and accumulate on paths, car parks, and other areas, posing a slip and fall hazard. Fallen leaves also attract pests and block gutters

Pothole repairs, pothole car park cracked surface

What exactly causes potholes to form, and how does the current icy weather play a role? The freeze-thaw cycle is a natural process that occurs when temperatures fluctuate between freezing and thawing. This cycle is especially active during the winter and spring seasons, when temperatures frequently dip below freezing and then rise again

Winter Gritting do it yourself OUTCO Contractor

DIY Winter Gritting for Businesses: A Safe and Effective Approach. DIY gritting can be a cost-effective alternative for businesses with the necessary resources and expertise. In this blog, we’ll explore the key considerations for businesses undertaking their own winter gritting, with a focus on the specific areas that DIY Winter Gritting often falls short on.

Winter weather 1947, snowbound bus, Castle Hill, Huddersfield

The UK is no stranger to the extreme of winter weather. Throughout its history, the country has faced several extreme winter snow years, each leaving an indelible mark on infrastructure and the lives of our citizens.

winter gritting services

With over two decades of expertise in winter gritting, OUTCO’s operational team has more experience than any other winter services provider in the UK