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OUTCO environmental policy

How OUTCO are delivering our responsible environmental policy

We have been working hard at OUTCO to deliver a responsible, relatable, and engaging environmental policy. A plan which encompasses our vision as well as the realities of our business. A plan that everyone who works for OUTCO can be part of, and which drives forward our environmental commitments.

We knew that when OUTCO was formed in May 2021, we had the perfect chance to define our environmental approach.

  • OUTCO Surfacing were already making great progress through their use of innovative materials and techniques to reduce emissions.
  • OUTCO Winter have been using our smart technology to reduce emissions. Travel is optimised through radial mapping and more accurate weather data is used to reduce unnecessary winter gritting activity
  • OUTCO Grounds use battery-powered equipment and drive hybrid and electric vans, along with employing a sustainable waste disposal company.

We felt we were in a good place, but we wanted to do more.

Too many businesses focus on the wrong things for the right reasons. We didn’t want to get caught in the never-ending trap of offsetting rather than reducing.

We commissioned Global Counsel in June 2021 who supported us to identify the material environmental issues specific to OUTCO. All focused on the goal of reducing our impact as a business.

We have made a good start:

  • In October 2021 we announced our target to become a net zero organisation by 2035
  • We have produced a roadmap to net zero and so far have exceeded our monthly reduction targets
  • We produced the OUTCO Greenprint environmental policy in November 2021.

OUTCO Greenprint report

Download your copy of OUTCO’s Greenprint report.

We are aware that this is only the start of what will be a challenging, rewarding and responsible journey towards net zero. As we look forward to 2022, we will build on these foundations and continue to adopt and trial new technologies and approaches to deliver our sustainable goals.

OUTCO – providing a sustainable, innovative approach to outdoor compliance for our clients and the environment.

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