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OUTCO Drainage and the benefits of no-dig technology

OUTCO drainage have invested heavily in our own vehicles and machinery to ensure our service delivery is as efficient and cost effective for our clients. Our asset maintenance teams are equip ped with their own Jet-Vac units, CCTV crawler units and no-dig technology solutions.

OUTCO recommends a CCTV survey to evaluate the condition of the drainage system and investigate any damage from within the pipe itself, this can be done through the manhole entry across the car park minimising the area required to work within and site disruption, the CCTV survey will not only investigate but also map your drain channels so you have a clear visual of your drainage network. Should damage be identified and repairs required OUTCO have the in-house capabilities to repair most damages through advanced no-dig technology.

No-dig technology is an enhanced solution in the repair of drain pipes beneath the surface. The technology means most repairs can occur from within the pipe itself without the need of disruptive and expensive excavation.

The process

  1. A liner is covered with a thick layer of epoxy resin, the liner is pulled through the damaged pipe and inflated flush against the inside.
  2. Hot water helps the wet resin cure solid to the existing pipe tightly adhering to it, creating a new pipe flush against the existing.
  3. The inflatable liner is removed leaving the cured resin as a new lining within any damaged pipe.
  4. Connecting pipes can be reopened with a remote cutting robot

The key benefits of no-dig technology

  • Higher quality of work– state of the art equipment and high quality materials are used by specialists to carry out the drain repairs. The result is a more durable system that could last more than 50 years.
  • Greater time-efficiency – this repair technique can take just a few hours to complete compared to days of excavation repairs
  • Cheaper costs associated – you could save anywhere up to 75% in costs
  • Versatile – this technology can work for all kinds of pipes, providing they are not damaged beyond repair.
  • Eco-Friendly – repairs often can be completed the same day by the same team without the need for excavators and diesel machinery.
  • Durable – the pipes lined with the epoxy resin used in the techniques can last up to 50 years. It’s the most efficient method of fixing broken sewer pipes.


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