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Delivering a year-round service

OUTCO received very favourable publicity in the industry this week, with articles in Facilities Management Journal, Building & Facilities Management, IFM, and Horticulture Week, with Construction and Civil Engineering also covering OUTCO with the article excerpt below:

This month sees GRITIT rebrand as OUTCO. The new brand reflects the company’s journey: Following significant investment and strategic acquisitions, it has transformed from a premier, industry-leading winter services provider, into a comprehensive outdoor services provider primed for further growth in all seasons

OUTCO’s story starts in 2004, with the founding by South African serial entrepreneur Jason Petsch of GRITIT, the first company in the UK to focus exclusively on winter gritting and snow clearance. Today, the company not only boasts award winning winter maintenance services – including mobile gritting services for roads, car parks, walkways etc. – but also extensive commercial landscape maintenance and management solutions, and infrared pothole repair capabilities. The new OUTCO brand, and the positioning as ‘Outdoor Estate Compliance Experts’ reflects this more comprehensive offering. Today, the company can proudly state that it works with some of the country’s leading companies.

“The company very much came about because Jason took a hard look at the world of winter services with the view of identifying a better way of doing things than simply throwing salt down and leaving a note under a client’s door to say the task had been completed,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Barry. “What Jason knew was that he wanted to place technology at the centre of everything, and what he was looking for was something that could help to interpret weather forecasts so as to be able to send out teams to carry out tasks in the most efficient way possible.”

Jason and his team experienced strong growth from a relatively early stage, bringing in a range of different clients including facilities management companies, government departments, hospitals and schools. It was then, in 2009, that the company choose to invest heavily in its technological capabilities by building its own CRM platform, dubbed NIMBUS. “The idea behind the NIMBUS system is that it uses the latest integrated tracking and telematics software in conjunction with an algorithmic decision-making platform, to control, automate and guarantee all aspects of our business and service delivery,” Andrew states.

To read the full article, please visit OUTCO: delivering a year-round service