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OUTCO creates aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds, which is vital in creating a positive first impressions by visitors. There are significant benefits to be had by making the most of the environment in which staff work on a daily basis

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OUTCO creates aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds, which is vital in creating a positive first impressions by visitors. There are significant benefits to be had by making the most of the environment in which staff work on a daily basis. Well maintained and creative external natural surroundings can positively impact productivity and improve physical and mental wellbeing. OUTCO offer a full suite of landscaping projects, exterior design and surveys to suit all outdoor estates regardless of size or location.

Landscape design and management

OUTCO Green Surveys are ideal for detailed landscape maintenance and management plans, particularly when conducted for longer term contracts or larger sites and portfolios. Detailed plans identify ongoing resource and budgetary requirements and are key to the successful, and progressive, long term management of green assets which are now becoming widely recognised as hugely valuable.

Biodiverse landscapes

It is widely recognised that biodiverse green spaces that encourage native wildlife and plant species to thrive improve our mental health and wellbeing. This is hugely important and beneficial in the workplace and learning environments. For organisations looking to enhance their environmental reputation or schools developing a wildlife garden or outside learning area, OUTCO can provide the perfect solution. We understand the importance of green spaces especially in urban areas.

Urban landscapes

Our services include urban wildflower meadow installation, native species planting, tree planting, pond construction, wildlife gardens, habitat hotels, compost areas, invasive species control, bird boxes and feeder’s green walls and green roof installation. OUTCO believes in in sustainable planting solutions and use nectar bearing flowers to encourage butterflies, insects and birds creating real living landscapes that benefit people and wildlife.

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Grounds Maintenance Services

grass cutting

OUTCO grass services offer a guaranteed way to keep your grass looking smart, tidy and professional throughout the growing season

hedge cutting

OUTCO’s hedge cutting services ensure your hedges are well-maintained and looking great, and also prevent spreading and overgrowth into walkways, ensuring safe, unobstructed passage for pedestrians

litter picking

OUTCO’s litter picking service includes the removal of all litter and waste from commercial properties, as well as the disposal of all waste in accordance with government legislation

Pruning & Edging

Our expert pruning teams will keep your shrubs, bushes and lawns shaped, edged and well maintained, improving their appearance

Sweeping & Blowing

OUTCO provides sweeping and blowing services to keep your facility clean. We help you prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, and keep your sites clean and safe

Tree Surveys

OUTCO offers comprehensive tree surveys which include a detailed health and condition assessment and a risk assessment

Tree Works

OUTCO’s tree works teams provide a full range of tree maintenance operations including felling, crown lifting, pollarding, canopy reductions, aerial dismantling, stump grinding and surveys for diseases such as ash dieback


Strimming is an effective way to maintain grass in hard-to-reach grass areas, around tree bases, obstacles or grass banks. After grass cutting, strimming helps to keep edges looking neat and tidy and can also be effective in maintaining large grass brush areas

Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hog Weed, Himalayan Balsam (to name but a few), and other non-native plants pose a significant threat to the UK landscape and its biodiversity and can cause serious damage or harm to people and infrastructure

Weed Spraying

OUTCO believes in the importance of creating a well-maintained environment. OUTCO uses selective chemical herbicide weed spraying to target specific weed types, or non-specific herbicides for broader control when required

leaf clearance

Leaf clearance takes place during the autumn season and includes the clearance, collection and removal of leaf debris from lawns, walkways and car parks. Regular leaf clearance helps to preserve lawns and shrubs from damage caused by excessive leaf coverage and promotes a healthy landscape

Emptying Bins

OUTCO offers a regular, scheduled bin emptying service that helps to maintain a healthy, clean site and avoids the attraction of pests and vermin. Our hassle-free service empties bins of all sizes and can remove all waste from site

moss removal

Managing the moss on your site is an ongoing process, especially in areas prone to growth, and is therefore important to keep up with regular moss removal and preventative measures

outdoor maintenance services

OUTCO’s landscape installation services create aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds – vital in creating a positive first impressions by visitors

Case Studies

northern rail gritting

We have worked with Northern under contract since November 2016 and are now entering our fourth season. For the past three seasons we have delivered exceptional performance, including during extraordinary cold weather events such as the Beast from the East in 2018. Last year we attended 99.9% of sites within time, with zero inspection failures

southeastern rail gritting

A key operator of commuter and regional services in South East London and Kent and parts of East Sussex, OUTCO delivers a highly performing 24/7 winter gritting and snow clearance service to Southeastern’s sites each winter season

OUTCO Walthamstow Services Civils Project

OUTCO have completed works at Walthamstow services situated on the A406 North Circular in London. Following a site survey the project was awarded to OUTCO that included over 550m² resurfacing, concrete repairs to eight areas of the forecourt area, the installation of new F900 Fibrelite inspection covers and thermoplastic marking.


Cleared leaves less flooding OUTCO

As the leaves begin to fall, businesses of every size are faced with the annual challenge of leaf accumulation on their premises. Those red, brown and yellow tones of Autumn may look stunning and evoke dreamy thoughts of stirring family walks and mulled wine, but for business, falling leaves clog drains, leading to water damage and flooding, and accumulate on paths, car parks, and other areas, posing a slip and fall hazard. Fallen leaves also attract pests and block gutters

Pothole repairs, pothole car park cracked surface

What exactly causes potholes to form, and how does the current icy weather play a role?

Winter Gritting do it yourself OUTCO Contractor

DIY Winter Gritting for Businesses: A Safe and Effective Approach. DIY gritting can be a cost-effective alternative for businesses with the necessary resources and expertise.

Winter weather 1947, snowbound bus, Castle Hill, Huddersfield

The UK is no stranger to the extreme of winter weather. Throughout its history, the country has faced several extreme winter snow years, each leaving an indelible mark on infrastructure and the lives of our citizens.

winter gritting services

With over two decades of expertise in winter gritting, OUTCO’s operational team has more experience than any other winter services provider in the UK

Cold weather time to sort winter gritting OUTCO

The UK just recorded the coldest night in November for the last 13 years with temperatures dropping as low as -8C.