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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Reliable and experienced provider of site management and maintenance services, with a proven track record in working on critical infrastructure sites


Critical Infrastructure

OUTCO are trusted partners to many of the UK’s major businesses working within critical infrastructure. We manage thousands of sites, operating 24/7 365 days a year to provide our clients with peace of mind that outdoor estates are safe, compliant and accessible all year round.

OUTCO offers a comprehensive array of services available 24/7, from surfacing works such as minor patching and pot hole repairs, through to major phased resurfacing works to grounds maintenance and civil engineering.

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Working in collaboration to minimise disruption

Thanks to our experience, we understand the constraints of maintenance works to the sites you manage. We implement maintenance programming to minimise disruption to your site, working in collaboration with you and with your tenants to ensure works do not impact the everyday running of the site.

We are here to help from day one

OUTCO surveyors are available to scope your site prior to works and we can advise and support you through specification and planning to budgets and planning a phased approach to delivery.

We keep our customers compliant

With OUTCO, maintenance is made as easy as possible for our clients. By working with experts, you can be assured of receiving the tools and data you need to make informed decisions and specify the right materials for the job. We also provide peace of mind and transparency – using patented smart technology to analyse works and log attendance/completed works.


Keeping critical infrastructure open with winter gritting

OUTCO has been providing winter gritting and snow-clearing services to much of the UK’s critical infrastructure and service providers, ensuring people are kept safe and sites operational.

Snow in car park winter maintenance

Winter maintenance should be an all-year-round job. This is why September is a good time to prepare for every eventuality.

Environmental pothole repair with tyres

Our Environmental Road Polymer Technology (ERPT) is the latest innovation in car park and environmental pothole repair, using patented Recycled Rubber Polymer Technology to repair potholes which achieves up to 95% less CO2 emissions in the process.


With OUTCO as your trusted outdoor estate management partner, we safeguard you against predictable operational, financial and reputational risk, allowing you to fully focus on your own business.


Cleared leaves less flooding OUTCO

As the leaves begin to fall, businesses of every size are faced with the annual challenge of leaf accumulation on their premises. Those red, brown and yellow tones of Autumn may look stunning and evoke dreamy thoughts of stirring family walks and mulled wine, but for business, falling leaves clog drains, leading to water damage and flooding, and accumulate on paths, car parks, and other areas, posing a slip and fall hazard. Fallen leaves also attract pests and block gutters

Pothole repairs, pothole car park cracked surface

What exactly causes potholes to form, and how does the current icy weather play a role?

Winter Gritting do it yourself OUTCO Contractor

DIY Winter Gritting for Businesses: A Safe and Effective Approach. DIY gritting can be a cost-effective alternative for businesses with the necessary resources and expertise.

Winter weather 1947, snowbound bus, Castle Hill, Huddersfield

The UK is no stranger to the extreme of winter weather. Throughout its history, the country has faced several extreme winter snow years, each leaving an indelible mark on infrastructure and the lives of our citizens.

winter gritting services

With over two decades of expertise in winter gritting, OUTCO’s operational team has more experience than any other winter services provider in the UK

Cold weather time to sort winter gritting OUTCO

The UK just recorded the coldest night in November for the last 13 years with temperatures dropping as low as -8C.