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A CCTV drainage survey can provide you with a clearer picture of your drainage system.

How can a drainage survey help me?

As heavy rainfall hits the UK our drainage remind us they needed asset maintenance.

With a dry spell it is easy to dismiss the requirement for any drain repairs or maintenance until we see the water rising around the grates.

While regular visual inspections can help identify external blockages and things like leaf and debris build up around grates or downpipes it is often best to conduct a specialist drain survey using CCTV camera equipment in order to inspect a site’s pipe network.

CCTV drainage survey

A CCTV drain survey can provide you with a clearer picture of your drainage system.

The cameras will not only identify blockages, cracked pipes, root intrusion and collapsed drains but will map your drainage systems allowing you to clearly see the network of drainpipes beneath the ground.

This is a quick, accurate and cost-effective method of inspection that causes minimum disruption as the CCTV is inserted into the pipe network through a single manhole cover, keeping the working area to a minimum. Using specially designed drain inspection cameras, the unit trawls your drain channels beneath the ground, delivering live pictures back to our operators.

The footage is reviewed and a subsequent report produced following a drain survey should conform to industry standard and use software such as WinCan to compile the report.

The reports will come complete with site plans and recommendations, illustrating areas of damage with pictures and a short description, to help you make informed drain maintenance decisions.


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