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sustainable winter gritting and snow clearing

Responsible winter gritting can reduce its impact on the environment

At OUTCO we endeavour to be environmentally friendly and adopt a more sustainable approach to winter gritting and snow clearance.

As a responsible winter gritting and snow clearing operator, our leading priorities are always to keep people safe and sites operational. We do not compromise on our standards or cut corners when providing our essential winter gritting and snow clearing services, and OUTCO are proud of our class-leading service delivery standards that achieves 99.8% customer satisfaction levels.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve, not just with our service delivery, but also when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment.

White salt used for winter gritting

OUTCO primarily uses white marine salt as our main de-icing agent, due to white salt being highly effective, clean to use and more environmentally friendly than mined rock salt (brown salt).

Optimum salt coverage when winter gritting

White salt is more effective for de-icing than brown salt, meaning, less volume is required for the same de-icing result. In addition, our winter gritting operators are trained to spread the optimum amount for the conditions to reduce salt being unnecessarily wasted (more is not always better).

At OUTCO we endeavour to be environmentally friendly and adopt a more sustainable approach to winter gritting

Non bagged winter gritting salt

At OUTCO our salt is delivered bag free and we typically do not use bagged salt. Our large salt stores are located at strategic hubs all over the country, with stockpiles always in place where they are needed the most.

Thousands of tonnes of pre-bagged salt is spread on the ground each year, which brings with it vast quantities of plastic waste. Once used, the plastic salt bags are often discarded as general rubbish, as many companies are unsure of how to dispose of them correctly. These bags typically end up in landfill, taking hundreds of years to degrade, where toxic substances are released into the soil.

On the rare occasions where we resort to supplying or using bagged salt, we can collect and recycle left-over bags in a responsible manner.

More accurate and efficient forecasting

We use the very latest weather forecasting software, which is 97.8% accurate. This level of accuracy ensures we do not unnecessarily visit and grit sites (wasting fuel and sustainable winter gritting salt).

Optimised route planning

Using our smart technology, we optimise the routes our operators take to travel in between sites. By doing this, we reduce the amount of fuel used and also ensures we are as time-efficient as possible.

Latest and most efficient vehicles

We operate a fleet of the latest and most efficient vehicles. We have recently partnered with VW to ensure our new vehicles are at the forefront of technology. We aim to switch as many vehicles over to electric as they become available.

Investigating environmentally friendly winter gritting alternatives

Where appropriate we may use an environmentally friendly, low corrosive product as an alternative winter gritting solution. To further support fragile ecosystems, OUCTO are experts in using de-icing agents that are non-toxic to animals and humans. OUTCO are continuously testing and evaluating bespoke de-icing treatments and new products.

Keep your customers safe and book your winter services

Our advice couldn’t be simpler: don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter services.

To find out how we can work together, or to obtain a free winter gritting quote or site inspection, please contact us today.

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