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OUTCO pothole services - repair and maintain the tarmac on your car parks

Pothole repair

OUTCO provides pothole repair and asphalt patching services across the UK. Our experienced pothole repair team will fix your potholes efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.

Using OUTCO’s dedicated Small Works division ensures our pothole repair services will save you money and means potholes are repaired effectively the first time, requiring just one visit on site.

  • UK wide pothole repair
  • Rapid response team
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Less time on site

Pothole repair quote

Pothole and Tarmac repair

Potholes occur throughout the year but are most likely to occur after the winter, when water, sitting under the road surface has frozen repeatedly and created cracks and holes in the road surface. When the asphalt road surface collapses into these cracks and holes, this creates a pothole, which can grow over time as more traffic drives over them.

Not only unsightly, potholes can create real damage to the vehicles driving over them. It is important to act swiftly and get the road repaired before the pothole gets any bigger.

OUTCO will respond within 24 hours to your pothole repair request.

Just ask for a quote using this simple form.

Pothole repair quote

Guaranteed pothole repair

While materials and techniques improve, roads are not permanent structures and will deteriorate over time from the constant use. Potholes only increase from the sheer weight and increased volumes most roads carry. As well as repeated light traffic, heavy vehicles such as lorries, tractors, forklifts etc. all have the capability to cause indents, which will eventually become potholes.

Our guaranteed repairs offer the best possible infrared pothole repair solution available on the market today with the accreditations and insurances necessary to ensure that you benefit from first class repairs, backed by guaranteed workmanship.

Sustainable pothole repairs

OUTCO uses a new, sustainable road repair system and material

  • reduces material movement and waste by 95%
  • delivers up to 1,000 tons of carbon savings per annum per team
  • halves the cost of patching, and increases productivity by 3x.
  • reduces transport costs and emissions as the material is mixed on site

Rather than ripping deteriorated asphalt out of the ground, generating waste and then replacing that waste with new material, OUTCO reuses the planings in flowable materials that fill the defects, and weld to and flex with the existing road.

  • 9 end of life tyres recycled into every ton
  • Fossil fuel reduced from 31 Kgs to 4Kg of CO2e per sqm of repairs.
  • Carbon saved from one repair team equivalent to avoiding incinerating a stack of waste tyres the height of the Eiffel Tower every 12 days!

Pothole repair price savings

  • Avoiding waste, wherever possible is always preferable to generating waste and then recycling it
  • On a square metre basis OUTCO pothole repairs use 80-90% less material than traditional methods
  • Shrinking repairs to fit the shape or size of a particular defect prior to surface dressing can further compound both the environmental and the cost savings by as much as 50%



Do you have surfacing or pothole problems on your site and require a site visit?

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Pothole Repair