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OUTCO EV Design and Choice

EV Design and Choose

OUTCO’s trained operatives will recommend the most appropriate and cost efficient solution for a business.

EV Design and Choose

As trusted partners to the majority of the UK’s major companies, OUTCO are the only outdoor estates experts you require for every type of EV installation.

The most important question we ask our clients during the EV consultation process is “who will be using the charge points?”. Whether the answer is – our customers, our staff or the public, having an understanding of the objectives for EV installation is key and will lead to very different options and design solutions for those requirements.

OUTCO’s trained operatives will recommend the most appropriate and cost efficient solution for a business. Many businesses think they require the rapid charger, and although some do, for others alternative solutions are more cost effective. Rapid chargers mean more available power is needed to the charging unit, which can lead to additional costs for installation. Cost can be influenced by a number of factors, and most charging unit costs increase as the speed of charging is reduced, but it is the power of the electric supply where the real costs can mount up.

OUTCO EV specialists ensure each car park and EV charging location is designed for maximum efficiency, enhanced customer experience and provide a cost effective solution.

Influencing factors of choice

  • Customer charge points are usually designed for drivers staying between 30 minutes and 2 hours to be used as a top up solution. This provides a choice of chargers which can give a driver an additional 30+ miles, enough charge to travel home or to carry on to the next location.


  • If you are a business looking to provide your staff with charge points while they are working, the most common workplace installation is a wall-mounted 7kW charger which can charge a vehicle fully in around 3-7 hours. With the average length of time your staff will be situated in the office a slower charge is a cost effective solution, providing sufficient charge throughout the day and less of a need for a more rapid and therefore more expensive solution.


  • If you are looking to provide public charge points, you will need to ensure there is enough power supply available to deliver rapid charging and for multiple units to be used at once. OUTCO have the experience to assist and advise on your power supply – a critical element of installation that can often be overlooked in the initial design, yet one of the most important elements in terms of the impact on cost and choice.


  • With dynamic, flexible tariff technology it is possible to alter the availability of charge points to suit. This can often be a smart solution to make good use of an EV charge points when they would otherwise be standing idle.

There are many different elements to the installation of EV chargers which can sound confusing at first. The OUTCO team have a joined up approach to working with clients, and all elements of the EV charging solution. Our knowledge and experience makes what can be a confusing decision, simple. We help our clients make informed choices based on the individual needs of their site. We simplify the process and provide our clients with total peace of mind.

Electrical survey and recommendation of electrical power supply

The first step for EV charging installations is for an electrical survey. OUTCO will assess a site to determine the practicality of EV charging installations.

Initial discussion will focus on individual objectives and the available power supply, which will in turn influence the types of units suitable. At this visit we will request access to plant rooms, feeder pillars and distribution boards to access the possible options available. We will also look at the preferred location for the units and discuss with clients the suitability for the units now and in the future.  We will assess and provide the options that best meet a desired outcome, such as wall mounted chargers for ease of access to the power supply or stand alone “pedestal” units which minimise tripping hazards and ideal for locations away from buildings.

Most charge point providers offer load balancing systems to best utilise a site’s existing power supply. The system proportionally allocates charge to all of the plugged in cars, depending on their available charge status. This minimises the need for expensive power upgrades.

Solutions for the future

The pace of change in the EV car market means that EV cars are becoming more popular and more affordable. While still nowhere near the coverage of petrol or diesel cars, EV car sales are growing rapidly while manufacturers are producing new EV models. You might look at the cars in your car park and see a handful of electric cars today, but with government legislation and the publics adoption of EV cars, your car park will look very different within the next few years.

That is why OUTCO works with EV charging suppliers to deliver a future proof solution. Something that works today will not necessarily be the solution for the future. We work with designers and engineers to give you aesthetically pleasing plans that can evolve over time.

Our comprehensive and transparent approach, to any of our services, simplifies sourcing, provides cost and administration efficiencies, as well as enhancing service through a joined-up approach.

Do you have EV requirements on your site and would like to arrange a site visit?

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