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Specialist Coatings

OUTCO can enhance the look of your surface and create a pleasant experience for visitors of shopping, work and leisure destinations.

Specialist Coatings

OUTCOs specialist coatings service provides innovative and sustainable solutions for aesthetic asphalt and applied media. Our range of professional specialist coatings will enhance the look of your surface and create a pleasant experience for visitors of shopping, work and leisure destinations.

A full suite of specialist coating services


With over 1,000 colours available, design opportunities are endless, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment and enhancing the safety elements of your site. Resin systems can be installed with multiple colours ideal for demarcation such as walkways, disabled bays and parent and child, these solutions can also include an anti-slip feature.

Resin systems are compatible with virtually all substrates, including asphalt, concrete and steel, the robust proven solution that can withstand the most challenging of trafficked environments.


Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your surface with decorative printed surface graphics or imprinted patterns.

From company logos and creative designs to imprinted block paving patterns into asphalt these solutions can brighten all environments.

Surface Graphics

Create bespoke graphics, symbols, numbers, letters, logos or images that are printed and heat applied to any surface.

Compatible with virtually all substrates, this system benefits from a speedy installation and a rapid drying solution with excellent adhesion, durability and colour stability, the system is traffic ready in just 10 minutes.

Our preformed markings are perfect for a variety of applications. From cost-effective, small-scale, road marking schemes and lining, complete car park markings, corporate branding including logos and complete surface graphics to school playground games, educational markings and public recreational areas.

Creative Paving

Create bespoke graphics, including logos, in asphalt using an extensive range of colours and patterns.

Asphalt is stamped with decorative templates to create a range of paving patterns. From traditional patterns such as brick and herringbone to a more decorative British cobble and freestyle patterns.

A cost-effective decorative asphalt to enhance the aesthetic look of your external environment, Creative paving can be colour coated to demarcate pathways for example or create a decorative design.

This system eliminates dust and noise during installation, as there is no requirement for cutting blocks and slabs on site.

Aesthetic Asphalt

Creative and colourful systems to enhance environments improving the safety and aesthetic appeal.

Transform tired and worn surfaces simply and attractively with this range of aesthetically pleasing surfacing and colour coating systems to any environment.

Resin Bound

A resin and aggregate encapsulated surface course. Offering a wide variety of bespoke designs.

The Resin Bonded systems are also available in 1000’s of decorative colours.

Resin Bonded

This is an aggregate broadcast onto a resin base to create a textured decorative surface.

Anti-slip Coatings

A variety of coatings offering a high resistance to slippages in a range of colours.

The system is solar reflective and UV stable ensuring the vibrant colour remains long-lasting, this system can be used for demarcating pedestrian walkways and cycle paths.

Coloured Coatings

A variety of coloured coatings for multiple application.

The system is solar reflective and UV stable ensuring the vibrant colour remains long-lasting, this system is often used for demarcating and defining pedestrian walkways and cycle paths or for decorative use within educational facilities.

We make things easier

Managing the complex requirements of clients operating outdoor estates takes significant time, effort and resource. We remove this burden and ensure that our clients operate in a safe and compliant fashion so they can focus on their core business.

We keep our customers’ outdoor estates running smoothly, looking good and operating like clockwork come rain, shine or snow, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Year after year.

Featured Case studies

Take a close look at some of our completed case studies from across the UK.

OUTCO Tesco Ferndown Waterproofing

TESCO approached waterproofing experts OUTCO to assist with repairs to the top deck to their Multi-Storey Car Park of their Superstore. Following 30 years of use, surface deterioration and water ingress, OUTCO were asked to carry major works to the upper deck, these works would ensure the deck was watertight and would bring a fresh new look to the car park.

Working with businesses across the UK

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